South Africa: Trevor Noah Named a Time Magazine ‘Next Generation Leader’

By Socrates Mbamalu*

Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah

South African comedian Trevor Noah has been in the news of late and it’s been for all the good reasons. From a New York Bestselling book, Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, to his recent swanky acquisition, a $10 million house, The Daily Show host is now a TIME magazine ‘next generation leader.’

Trevor Noah is hogging the limelight, all for good reason, recently named a TIME magazine ‘next generation leader’. The 33 year old South African comedian, who took over The Daily Show from John Stewart, said in an interview with TIME magazine that he sees The Daily Show as an opportunity to speak truth to power.

Noah has been doing exactly that ever since he started hosting The Daily Show. With Trump as president, Trevor has always had something to say on the Trump administration. The comedian, who says it’s possible to have a conversation with someone that doesn’t agree with his fundamental beliefs, hosted Tomi Lahren, a conservative who disagrees with the Black Lives Movement, on The Daily Show. The interview happened to be one Trevor’s most famous, and it went viral.

Although not yet matching as many viewers as his predecessor, the show has experienced diversity in its viewership, from 70 countries when Stewart was host, to 176 countries as reported by TIME magazine.

 The list of next generation leaders is made of 10 people and includes artists, athletes and entrepreneurs. TIME magazine described the next generation leaders as 10 pioneers who cross boundaries, forge new paths, take their crafts to unexpected places and also improve the world.
TIME magazine described Trevor as a master of the eloquent Trump-takedown. Trevor started the show with faltering viewership figures, as he made an effort to assert himself and find his foot after Stewart’s 16 year presence on the show. February this year saw a record of 1.5 million viewers, a 17 percent increase from the year before, Times Live reported.

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