Zimbabwe to restructure national aviation authority

By Wallace Mawire
Zimbabwe’s government is in the process of restructuring the Civil
Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) in a bid to separate regulatory
and airports management functions, according to President Robert
President Mugabe recently revealed at the commissioning of the
Victoria Falls International Airport that the initiative to
restructure the country’s aviation authority is in line with
international best practices.
“This will not only enhance safety and security compliance, but will
also provide scope for private sector participation in airport
operations in Zimbabwe,” President Mugabe said.
He added that Zimbabwe’s government recognises that air transport is
pivotal to the economic growth of the country.Mugabe said that air
transport facilitates trade and tourism and fosters regional
The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) is the civil aviation
agency of Zimbabwe, established on 1 January 1999 to replace the
Department of Civil Aviation.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe has also just launched its
client service charter, which is expected to assure stakeholders of
excellency in service offer.

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