The offsprings of Aujooulat and the genocide of the Southern Cameroons

By Chief Charles A. Taku*

Cameroon's Paul Biya and Francois Hollande of France
Cameroon’s Paul Biya and Francois Hollande of France,

Never again, was the solemn pledge that the civilized world made to humanity after the genocide of the Jews in the Second World War that shocked the conscience of humanity. That pledge did not stop France which was humiliated during the Second World War and the collective madness that confronted and afflicted humanity to perpetrate a genocide that claimed about half a million citizens of its La Republique du Cameroun vassal state ;assassinated its liberation leaders, and imposed a slave-master neo-colonial enclave in its African possessions. France then imposed a system of governance by terror and criminality of which genocide is a critical component.

In this governance in trust for colonial France, overseen by one Jean Forccart, a crime syndicate was put in power with a mandate to terrorize, massacre and suppress the citizens of French vassal states in Africa. France also wedged an ideological and cultural war in which citizens of its vassal states were totally brainwashed to worship their oppressor and willingly accepted slave status in their relationship with France. They accepted and considered an honour to accept this slave status in order to sustain benefit from a war economy imposed by France on its neo-colonies. For this purpose, they mortgaged the exploitation and rape of their natural resources, the sovereignty of the neo-colonies and their very humanity to their slave masters with pride and joy.

This explains why the government of La Republique du Cameroun and some of its citizens, mainly the slave orphans of Aujoulat, are cheering Paul Biya the French neo-colonial puppet on for the ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity against the people of the Southern Cameroons. The total information blackout in the Southern Cameroons to conceal the genocide and crimes against humanity against the Southern Cameroons is evidence of the planned nature of these crimes and provides additional evidence of the specific intent, (dolo specialis) to commit genocide as well as the state policy requirement for crimes against humanity.

President Paul Biya himself set the tone for the perpetration of these crimes in his end of year address. Prior to that, some of his ministers made televised confessions of their involvement in these crimes and provided the systemic and widespread nature of these crimes. A telephone communications provider, MTN has confessed its complicity in the ongoing crimes admitting that it prioritized its business permit and pecuniary interests by shutting down internet services in the entire territory of the Southern Cameroons knowing that doing so served a criminal purpose and facilitated the perpetration of the ongoing genocide in the Southern Cameroons out of the view of the international community and the genocide early warning mechanism of the United Nations. This conduct makes this and other internet providers which manifested the same special intention and criminal economic motivation in these crimes, complicit in these crimes.

The political and criminal deployment of the army, paramilitary and police forces to use lethal weapons to attack maim and massacre armless civilians in cold blood may be construed as an act of cowardice. However, it exposes and confirms what was always known about the politicization and use of the military, the police and paramilitary forces also known as the Gendarmerie for criminal purposes inconsistent with their constitutional mandates and Cameroons international human rights treaty obligations.

Chief Charles Taku
Chief Charles Taku

The Commander of the Army should have for his own interest refused to deploy soldiers to attack and kill armless civilians. He would have refused to convert military and paramilitary camps into Detention and torture Centers. This resulted in the students of the University of Buea and several Southern Cameroons people being abducted and detained at the Secretariat of the Gendarmerie and other military and para-military camps. There is no statute of limitation for the punishment of these well- documented crimes. Let those involved in this joint criminal enterprise beware that power no matter how long it has been held hostage by a few will surely leave them and those who abused the power will be held to account. Differently put, as my dear friend Dr Bate Besong whose life was claimed on the demonic Douala-Yaoundé grave way once said, those who hold the keys to prison for today must be prepared to taste the reality of the prison themselves. For me, it is as obvious as day follow night that the time for the gatekeepers of power and the prisons of Kondengui and human conscience to take their rightful place in these prisons.

The bogus charges brought against Barrister Agbor Nkongho and others at the Military Tribunal in Yaoundé are a violation of international law. International law prohibits the court-martial of civilians. In Gwang Ngume and others v La Republique du Cameroun, ( African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights ) Akwanga v Cameroon (United Nations Human Rights Committee Geneva) and Akwanga v. Cameroon ( African Commission for Human and Peoples’ Rights, Cameroun was ordered never to charged civilians in Military Tribunals. La Republique du Cameroun has confirmed its pariah’s status as a country where the rule of law is inexistence by charging Barrister Agbor Nkongho, Dr Neba Fontem and Mancho Bibixy before a Military Tribunal.

It is also obvious that the criminalization of free speech and civil liberties through the law on which our leaders have been charged was enacted when President Biya conceived the plan to order the commission of genocide in the Southern Cameroons. The wicked charges which have been brought against our leaders are politically motivated and intended to scare Southern Cameroons into submission. This criminal policy was tested with success when the assassination of Um Nyobe, Ernest Ouandie and other UPC leaders frightened and sent citizens of La Republique du Cameroun into perennial fear and docility. Their fear reached frenzy when they acquiesced to the raising of monuments and statues to honour war criminals and the naming of their remarkable streets in their towns after these colonial and neocolonial vampires.

Inspired by the atrocities committed by these neocolonial vampires against their own people, the ideological offspring of Au Louis Paul Aujoulat tired of feeding on the blood of its own citizens have now turned their attention towards the extermination of the valiant free spirited people of the Southern Cameroons. Not satisfied with the slaughter of armless people of the Southern Cameroons, this government has reactivated one of its ultimate instruments of oppression which is the judiciary to legitimize the assassination of our heroes. In so doing, the offspring of Aujoulat and its French political hyenas have so soon forgotten the lessons which come from the very conscience of their history. They assassinated Um Nyobe Mpodol and Ernest Ouandie hoping that the liberating ideology they aspired would die with them. Today, that hydra -headed ideology inspired by Um Nyobe and Ernest and others is back haunting them with the revived campaign against La Republique’s colonial military pacts, colonial economic pacts and colonial currency after we roundly rejected colonial rule citing among others French imperial motivation for the annexation and colonization of the Southern Cameroons.

Supreme Court Judge Ayah Paul is the most recent high profile arrest in the ongoing crack down of Southern Cameroons leaders
Supreme Court Judge Ayah Paul is the most recent high profile arrest in the ongoing crack down of Southern Cameroons leaders

If La Republique du Cameroon thinks for a while that they will frighten the Southern Cameroons to submission or that they will quickly organize a masquerade of neo-colonial justice and render a judgment written in France and in French to convict and legitimize its long held plan to assassinate Barrister Agbor Nkongho, Dr Fontem Neba, Mancho Bibixy and many other Southern Cameroonians captives in its concentration camps as it did with its own liberation leaders, then they will be in for a rude shock awakening. If they exterminate all Southern Cameroonians in the ongoing genocide, then our incorruptible ashes of freedom will raise from the graves which already adorn our territory to seek justice. By imprisoning our colleague and leaders, you have opened the gates of prisons worldwide to yourselves. You invited them for dialogue and now want to use the issues which arose from the said dialogue to send them to the gallows. How mean! How base! How mindless!

But I have one message for all the offspring of criminal Aujoulat and all the neocolonial stooges who believe they hold the power of life and death over freedom seeking people in the Southern Cameroons and Africa, you will never ever kill a liberation ideology with your weapons of mass destruction or criminal ventures. You failed to do so in the case of your own liberation heroes. You will never ever succeed in doing that to ours liberation heroes and our people united in seeking freedom.

I wish in this case to again alert the international community to the ongoing genocide in the Southern Cameroons. The Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General against the Crimes of Genocide Mr Adama Dieng should immediately intervene and sound a world-wide alarm on the ongoing genocide in the Southern Cameroons. The Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations against Gender Crimes Mrs Zainab Bangura should immediately intervene and sound an alarm about the crimes of rape, and indignities committed against Southern Cameroons girls and women by the armed forces of La Republique du Cameroon. The European Union should invoke article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement against La Republique du Cameroun for the well-documented crimes committed against the Southern Cameroons.

Although La Republique du Cameroun is not a party to the Rome Treaty, the complicity of MTN a firm based in South Africa which as of now is still a State Party to the Rome Treaty and that of France , a state party having a colonial military pact with La Republique du Cameroun and known to have supplied weapons to La Republique du Cameroun knowing that those weapons were used in the perpetration of crimes and are presently used in the commission of genocide and crimes against humanity against the Southern Cameroons without taking measures to stop them the ICC may have jurisdiction to intervene and open a preliminary examination.

All the civilized nations of the world, including countries in the European Union and the USA should immediately impose visa restrictions in all the persons participating in the ongoing crimes in the Southern Cameroons and all countries with universal criminal jurisdiction should immediately initiate criminal actions upon the filing of complaints against the perpetrators of these crimes since La Republique du Cameroun instead of investigating and punishing this criminal conduct has instead intensified the impunity with which these crimes are perpetrated. Finally, the Southern Cameroons has always favoured the path of peace and dialogue to resolving the Southern Cameroons case. International law, natural justice and history are on our side. The so-called “one and indivisibility of Cameroon” was never an option imposed on us neither at the UN nor even in the Plebiscite in 1961. It was never ever a provision in the purported Federal Constitution.

Those who are fronting this concept are the ones who require being tried for treasonable felony and not peace advocates.

Chief Charles A. Taku, International Criminal Court The Hague

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  1. Thanks for this powerful sensitization, HRH. Even if these perpetrators of injustice beat the system, they will never escape the Vengeance of God.

  2. HRH, another outstanding piece of quality work. All along, I knew your one or many pieces were coming; it came and came big. Thank you so much for making us proud, not for people like you, where are we in this struggle?

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