African Futures 2060

By Yul Anderson*

As predicted in 1994, “Hemispheric migration will test the limits of Chaos Theory for Africa .  As I revisit the Future Analysis of 1994 the African American Future Society (TAAFS) builds on the results and the impact of new technologies on Africa.  Using foresight and futuring techniques TAAFS offers a possible future scenario for Africa, 2060.

Africa with all its natural resources suffers severe poverty, while prospects look good to create a middle-income population, land security is a risk, China knowing that land is more valuable than housing has secured a large portion of Africa’s land for its own survival.  Marginal farmers and herders who are economically poor and land rich have succumbed to China’s lure and have sold ancestral land to China developers.

China’s one child per family policy has increased China net family income, reduced China’s poverty rate but has created a vacuum of Chinese women for Chinese men to Marry.  China, knowing that population and procreation are key to survival has sent its Chinese laborers to Africa, to marry, buy land and resettle Africa and create China African cities of the Future.

African women in poverty have accepted the new China-Africa relationship.  African men have become more marginalized and have begun to protest the new Chinese order on Africa.  Chinese Africans have become citizens and the world sees its first Chinese African President.  While Globalization welcomes this new venture, Africans see their population number dwindle for the first time in 2050.  The US Census Bureau which maintains international statistics for developing countries have now included multi-ethnic classes for Africa.

The US has ceased to police the world due to economic conditions and a lack of political will from civic society, as a result Africa has built up a continental military force to protect its maritime and natural resources.  Due to global food shortages, Africa has increased sea farming and adopted GMF to withstand increased temperatures due to global warming.  The last 40 years of growth has seen two generations of Africans prosper.  Africa poverty rates have decreased, unemployment levels have increased as a result of adopting automation and technology to increase production and global demand.

Fintech has increased Africa’s middle class and Africa becomes a consumer economy and has regional institutions form a continent-wide parliament structure to govern Africa.  The new parliamentarian structure, supported by the success of ECOWAS adoption of eCfa and MPesa, the South African Free Trade Zone, The EAU Muslim League and the East and Central African trade Zones creates a standard living wage, education, housing, health and nutrition standard, brought on by the aid of intelligent machines and artificial intelligence.

Hemispheric migration resulting from global trade has resulted in Africa becoming the continent of choice due to land availability and purity of air, food and water.  While most mega-city skyscrapers have fallen due to increase earthquake activity, African cities have been redesigned based on Egyptian architecture with grand square and pyramidal structures, the return to the pyramid structures has proven to aid global cooling and air quality.  African cities have incorporated high speed magnetic rail and other autonomous public transport and many air carriers have privatized and increased air security and travel safety.  African prosperity has resulted in a 40-year peace on the continent and resulting discoveries have promoted Africa to a new global space exploration center.  Africa is thriving and the African people have accepted its past and shaped its future to a global center of global prosperity.

This is just one Africa Future scenario.  The possibilities are endless, I welcome your participation on Africa’s Future to create a vision for Africa’s people to follow.

*Yul Anderson, Futurist ,African American Future Society



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