CFA to Discuss Recommendations from 2016 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series

unknownWHAT:  Press Event for the Constituency for Africa (CFA) to discuss recommendations for the next US administration on US Policy Towards Africa, and release of the final report from the 2016 Ronald H. Brown African Affairs Series.

SPEAKERS:  CFA Founding Chairman, Ambassador Andrew J. Young; CFA’s current Chairman, Dr. Roscoe M. Moore, Jr.; CFA’s President and CEO, Melvin P. Foote

When:  Friday, October 21, 10 am to noon in the National Press Club in Washingon, DC, 529 14th Street, NW

WHY:  The theme for CFA’s 2106 Ronald H. Brown African affairs Series, September 12 – 17th was “Setting the US – Africa Agenda for the Next Administration”.  The conference focused on topics of Democracy and Governance; Nutrition Security; Strengthening African Healthcare Infrastructure; Empowering Africa’s Young Leaders; Increasing US – Africa Trade and Investment; Transforming Human Capacity in Africa; and Diaspora Engagement in Implementing US – Africa Policy.

CFA Board and key stakeholders have since been studying the findings and recommendations of the various thematic workshops, and will share them with the Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump campaigns, with African Diplomats and other African government officials, Members of the US Congress, non-governemntal and advocacy organizations, the private sector, and other stakeholders, the key CFA recommendations that should frame the Africa agenda for the next administration.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, contact Kaade Wallace at (651) 795-8777 or Melvin Foote at (202) 255-8893

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