In Celebration of 10th Anniversary X-Maleya heads to U.S for Dream Tour

x-maleya-fillmore-latestX-Maleya, one of Africa’s hottest boys band is kicking off celebrations for its 10th anniversary in style with a U.S Dream Tour. The Group whose origins are from the Central African Country of Cameroon, will be in the USA from October 16th through November 5th. The tour which starts with a concert at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD, on October 16 ,will also take the group to New York, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston.

X-Maleya has become recognized for their unique Afro and contemporary music. They have been able to mix and match musical elements and cultural experience. The group has managed to make music that is relevant to worldwide audiences while espousing the ancestral roots of their identity and cultural experience. Through their music, the X-Maleya group proposes to their audience a mix and match of Bantu sonorities which reflect their various origins and every style of music most Americans would enjoy: soul, reggae, jazz, spirituals, blues, and electro. This mix is rooted in multiple strands of the African Diaspora.

X-Maleya has established itself as one of the true positive leaders and motivational musicians. With enough compassion, love and practical knowledge, they understand that the music they play can transform lives and better the global community. Their incredible upbeat attitude and positive energy combine to make them the Best African group.

x-maleya-son-me-samuel-etoo-2As African musical ambassadors, they understand the power they possess and responsibility entrusted to them. The group continues to inspire younger generations with music that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers to establish a communion of people from all horizons. They use their music as a tool to engage countries to work in concert towards intercultural understanding and peace.

“We are truly excited and honored to host the X-Maleya as we are applying our proven expertise in African music promotion and marketing and public relations linking musicians with audiences around the world,” reads a release from J&R Music and Arts Production, the entity facilitating the tour.

J&R Music and Arts Production is an international recognized musical marketing and promotion and public relations organization that specializes in producing international music events and programs that enhance understanding of our diverse and multicultural world through the transformative art of music. Its primary focus is to connect musicians with events and programs that engage and uplift communities at the local, national, regional and global levels. More information can be obtained from  www. or , Contact: JR@ or





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