My Perspective on Africa is one of Opportunities-Jeannine B Scott Founder & Principal America to Africa Consulting

Jeannine B.Scott
Jeannine B.Scott

You can either decide to see Africa from the perspective of its challenges or you can see the continent for its opportunities and for me , it is the opportunities and potential that I see says Jeannette B.Scott , Founder and Principal of America to Africa Consulting ,a company with a focus on private sector opportunities in Africa.

With over thirty years of work on Africa themed issues and over thirteen years living in Africa, Scott, who formerly served as President of the U.S-Angola Chamber of Commerce, believes that the investment opportunities in the continent outweigh the challenges which many people seem to dwell on.

In an interview with Ben Bangoura of Allo Conakry, Scott cited Agriculture and the petroleum sectors as examples of the areas that America to Africa consulting will focus on. Though the  company is still young, it already has a project it is working on in Guinea.

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