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Zimbabwe’s ICT lab per school project enhances digital technology

August 27, 2016

By Wallace Mawire   [caption id="attachment_32301" align="alignleft" width="300"]Deputy ICT Minister Dr Win Mlambo Deputy ICT Minister Dr Win Mlambo[/caption] Zimbabwe's Ministry of Information Communication Technologies,Postal and Courier Services ICT lab per school project is witnessing the advancement of digital technologies through the inculcation of ICT skills for young and upcoming learners and teachers, using ICTs in  teaching and learning processes, ultimately improving standards of education. According to Dr Win Mlambo, Deputy Minister of ICTs, Postal and Courier Services, his ministry has maintained a partnership with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education that has seen the establishment of ICT infrastructure in schools under the ICT lab per school project. Mlambo said that the ICT labs have been set up in 55 primary level schools and 56 secondary schools in all the 10 provinces. "These schools throughout the country are continuing to receive the necessary training and support projects that are tailor made for the schools environment," Mlambo said. He added that apart from the distribution of ICT equipment,  digital training was also provided for teachers in beneficiary schools.It is reported that the training focused on equipping teachers with requisite skills necessary for integration of ICTs into the curriculum and promoting technology literacy, critical thinking and collaboration which are required for the 21st century classroom. Modules covered effective use of microsoft word, power-point and excel and use of e-learning content from a digital skills perspective. The project is reported to have seen over 4000 teachers trained in ICT skills throughout the country. "In addition to the above, a total of 1384 civil servants have been trained in ICTs at the ministry's training school located at Central Computing Sevices (CCS) in Harare.The benefit analysis of conducting this project is to increase ICT literacy or productivity and the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP)," Mlambo said.

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