The Buhari Government will not let Nigerians Down-APC Chairman John Oyegun

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Chief John Oyegun
Chief John Oyegun

To the those who think the Buhari Administration is not doing enough, Chief John Oyegun, Chairman of the ruling APC has a different message: The Government is doing the best it can with the means available to sanitize Nigeria from the rot left behind by the PDP Government.

Interviewed recently in Philadelphia USA, where he was one of the high profile guests invited by the National Democratic Institute –NDI, for a leadership forum on the sidelines of the Democratic party convention, Chief Oyegun said while Nigerians had the right to demand and expect more from the APC government, the current global economic realities and the decades of inept leadership and policies from the previous administration could not be wished away overnight.

The corruption was pervasive to the level where even resources allocated for the upkeep of the military in the gallant fight against Boko Haram were siphoned by unscrupulous officials Chief Oyegun charged.

Muhammadu Buhari (L) and John Odie-Oyegun
Muhammadu Buhari (L) and John Odie-Oyegun

While the political change in Nigeria was a milestone of historic proportions, it dawned on the new leadership that the outgoing party and administration left the country in a sorry state, worse than initially imagined, Chief Oyegun said. In addition to the unbridled corruption, the treasury was empty, a military where morale was low, a governing structure which provided avenues for officials to loot with impunity and more.

In addition to the sorry state of affairs at the time the APC took over power, Chief Oyegun said the drastic fall in the price of oil did not help matters for the new government.

Chief John Oyegun and PAV's Ajong Mbapndah in Philadelphia
Chief John Oyegun and PAV’s Ajong Mbapndah in Philadelphia

On what the APC has done in honoring the promises which prompted Nigerians to vote his party to power, Chief Oyegun cited the improved security in the country ,especially in the fight against Boko Haram. The Administration was also carrying out vital reforms to plug loopholes which facilitated the large scale looting of resources meant for the common good and development of Nigeria. Chief Oyegun also pointed to ongoing efforts to seek long lasting solutions to the chronic energy and power problems of the country.

Getting Nigeria back on the rails will take time, Chief Oyegun said as he expressed strong optimism that the Buhari led government will not let the country down. Nigerians should have faith in the change agenda of the APC Buhari government Chief Oyegun said urging his compatriots to know it has been just over a year since the administration took office. In expecting quick results, Nigerians may not get a feel of broader reforms which are been put in place to diversify economy, curb the over reliance of oil and generally make the economy perform more for the general good of Nigerians, the APC leader said. While there is much hype in the media on cases of corruption, it is wrong to think that  fighting corruption is all that the administration has been doing.

On unity within the APC, the Chairman said the party was united on a a vision for Nigeria, but how to attain set goals may be where fissures come.Things were however under control and there was synergy from all in the party to ensure that the aspirations of Nigerians are met,Chief Oyegun said.

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