The ‘Buj; becoming a modern Wi-Fi City

Abuja is becoming a modern Wi-Fi City!

nSo, you are wondering what exactly is a Wi-Fi City? Let me break it down for you in simple terms. It’s basically Wi-Fi hotspots that are strategically located around the city where you can get Wi-Fi access available to the public on a commercial or free basis. Hotspots can be restaurants, cafes, bars, salons, airports, municipality secretariats, recreational centres, parks.

This is a major deal for Nigeria. To date there isn’t a Wi-Fi city in Nigeria, which is quite shocking considering that we are the “Giants of Africa”.

But not for long, Legend is here to provide a Better Way to Live. Legend is a multi-media service brand that has been in the market since 2014 servicing Abuja and gaining major traction in leading the innovation of fibre optics technology in Nigeria.

Legend is taking the aspirational stride of making Abuja a modern Wi-Fi city through the Legend Zone hotspots. They have been setting up Wi-Fi hotspots at convenient locations all over Abuja. At the moment there are 30 Legend Zone Wi-Fi hotspots around Abuja and another 50 are in the works with plans to deploy 1,000 by Q2 2017.

With Legend Zone, you are guaranteed incredible high speed and unlimited internet at a very pocket friendly price. If you are a Legend subscriber, you get the service for no additional charge. But even if you don’t have Legend service in your home or office, you too can still enjoy Wi-Fi service at the Legend Zone hotspots for only for N600 you get a day pass, N1,800 for a week pass and N3,400 for a month pass.

It is really a great deal and well priced for unlimited Wi-Fi access at convenient locations all around Abuja. Imagine, endless surfing, no buffering issues, large file downloads, the possibilities are endless. It provides alternative solutions to internet issues, as you go around Abuja; you can be rest assured that you will find a Legend Zone that delivers on its promise of “convenience” and “value”.

Legend’s internet is like no other, powered the fibre optics technology and sound infrastructure. Basically, Legend’s internet is blazing fast, and “always on” because they have harnessed the fibre optic technology and built a network that allows fibre lines to directly send data by light. This advanced technology ensures for unlimited connectivity at all the Legend Zones location in Abuja.

This means that it’s time to stop bothering with slow internet connection and branch out to any of the Legend Zones most convenient to you for truly unlimited and fast internet.

I am sure by now you want to know the A to Z’s of Legend, I have got you covered. Simply visit us at to discover why the #thelegendistrue!

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