Believe in Africa to host event on Unleashing Youth Potential

5f54f4be-57ae-492d-a788-16c0201be235As institutions across the world rapidly grow to meet the demands of the growing population, the youth are needed to take the reins. By 2030, it is projected that the youth population will grow to 1.3 billion. The greatest challenges facing the youth is a high unemployment rate and inadequate resources. The next generation will face unprecedented challenges that this rapidly evolving world brings. These generations need to be well established and equipped to deal with the issues at hand.

Simply providing a rigid and universal education plan is not enough. Creativity, courage, and leadership skills need to be taught to ensure today’s youth become a viable group of global citizens. Molding the minds of future generations, investing in their potential, and providing adequate guidance should be the ultimate purpose of current leaders. It is time to give back to the society that nurtured us and pay homage to our past teachers by carrying on the legacy of proper mentorship. The youth are the foundation for future progress. Join us as we discuss and dissect the ways in which we can collectively unleash our youth’s potential.

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