Nigerian anti-corruption singer kidnapped

Ado Halliru Daukaka said the kidnappers threatened to kill him
Ado Halliru Daukaka said the kidnappers threatened to kill him

A Nigerian singer known for singing about corrupt politicians has been found five days after he was kidnapped.

Police say Ado Halliru Daukaka, who is currently recuperating in a hospital, was found unconscious and emaciated.

Daukaka told the BBC’s Isa Sanusi that he was tricked into a car on Friday morning by kidnappers.

He had released a song mocking politicians who don’t keep their promises and he says this is why he was targeted.

One of his wives told police unknown people had visited his home the day he disappeared.

He told our correspondent that the kidnappers had driven him out of Yola city and then played his new song, and began asking him why he had recorded a track mocking politicians.

“They threatened me and said they would take my life and repeatedly asked why I was criticising politicians and warned me to stop or lose my life,” Daukaka said.

He said they kept him without food for two days during his captivity.

On Wednesday morning, the kidnappers blindfolded him and let him go in a forest, Daukaka said.


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