Therapeutic Inc to launch Women’s Leadership & Empowerment initiative

By Ajong Mbapndah L

Fatmata Koroma .Photo Credit Allo Conakry
Fatmata Koroma .Photo Credit Allo Conakry

As part of its celebrations to mark the Women’s History Month, Therapeutic Inc, will launch the Women’s Leadership and Empowerment initiative in Washington, DC. Scheduled for March 26,  the event will have as guest of honor Prof Hassana Alidou, Ambassador of the Republic of Niger to the USA. According to Fatmata Koroma, President  & CEO of Therapeutic Inc, the goal of the initiative is to help in providing women with the skills necessary for success in the global market.

Therapeutic Interventions Inc. is launching its activities on March 26 2016, what is Therapeutic Inc and what are the activities you will be launching?

We will be celebrating Women’s History Month and officially launching our Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative.Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes the education, development and empowerment of women through leadership programs, entrepreneurship, educational workshops and Women’s Empowerment Conferences.

The goal of these various programs is to provide women with the skills, leadership abilities, character, and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the emerging international and global market. Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative work with young ladies from the African Diaspora in the United States, building their self-esteem and preparing them for leadership roles, as well as, promoting community service as goodwill Ambassador.

Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative mission is to support women’s issues.Each Delegate participating in the Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Program will take part in a development program that will:Build positive self-image,Boost self-esteem,Encourage Entrepreneurship,Enrich leadership skills,Develop character and integrity

Who is expected to be at the event and what do you reserve for the guests in terms of highlights for the evening?

The diplomatic  community along with members of the African community. Community Leaders, NGO’s, US Government officials are also guests attending the event.Highlights of the event are presentations from the Delegates of Miss Culture USA, and other Delegates from various pageants such as Miss Guinea North America, Miss United Nation, and Miss Africa USA.Special Performances from Celebrity Entertainer, Anna Mwalagho. More performances from Leon Juldeh Koroma and Jehoshua Azuka  Otuya.Speakers include Bintou Diamande, President of  UAA-Foundation Inc.  and June Thornton

The Ambassador of Niger is expected to be the guest of honor, how does her presence tie in with the message and vision of Therapeutic Inc?

Niger's Ambassador Hassana Alidou with President Barack Obama
Niger’s Ambassador Hassana Alidou with President Barack Obama

She is an active member of ECOWAS. She is consistent with her service and leadership in the community. She is also one of few female Ambassadors in the African diplomatic community. The focus of the event is to Celebrate Women’s History Month and to officially launch Therapeutic Interventions Inc. Women’s Leadership and Empowerment Initiative.

What other activities will your Organization be working on after its launch? 

We will be conducting an educational workshop for young ladies and we will also have the Miss Culture USA Pageant in June.

You are also involved in a number of other activities like beauty pageants, can you tell us more about these other activities of yours?

I am the chairperson and co-founder of Kushe’ Magazine and producer/host of a talk show called Celebrity Health talk.

Thanks very much for taking time to answer questions from PAV

 Thanks for talking to us and do join us at the event as well!

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