Will Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni serve another term?

Ugandan president eyes a fifth term in office after more than three decades in power.

On Thursday, Ugandans will vote for a new president, in what many say will be the closest-run election in years. Most predict Museveni will win again.

But young Ugandans make up a massive 75 percent of the population and many are unhappy. They are struggling to overcome one of Africa’s highest unemployment rates. And that discontent could deprive the president of a majority and force him into his first ever runoff.

Museveni is not the only leader to cling to power in Africa. Other long-serving presidents across the continent are making an effort to stay in power.

So, what does that mean for democratic transition in Africa?

Presenter: Jane Dutton


Rosebell Kagumire, Ugandan blogger.

Muthoni Wanyeki, regional director for East Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Great Lakes at Amnesty International.

Nii Akuetteh, political analyst.

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