Mathias Dzon wants Presidential elections in Congo to be held in July 2016

Matthias Dzon Matthias Dzon[/caption] Speaking by phone from his house in Brazzaville, the capital, of Congo, Matthias Dzon, leader of Congo’s largest extra parliamentary opposition, has rejected t calls made by President Denis Sassou Nguesso for early presidential elections to be held in the first semester of next year. Mr Dzon who was President  Sassou Nguesso’s finance  minister between 1997 and 1999,  said  the reason why his party and a majority of Congolese were rejecting early  presidential elections, as announced by President Denis Sassou Nguesso in his new year speech, was because, the current president had lost all legitimacy. He added: President Denis Sassou Nguesso lost legitimacy when, he decided to organize an illegal referendum in October this year. The said referendum ended the January 20th 2002 constitution of the country.The said constitution barred President Denis Sassou Nguesso who is in his second and final two terms mandate, to stand for re-elections. Mathias Dzon, however said, his party and other political parties of the opposition and civil society organizations are ready to enter into negotiations with President Denis Sassou Nguesso, for what he called an “electoral governance” or a process that will guide the holding of presidential elections in July this year and not in March as desired by President Denis Sassou Nguesso. He also added that, the planned negotiations will also come up with rules or measures that will govern Congo during this period of illegality. What Mr Dzon never said was whether he or his party has already made propositions to the government or what will be his reaction or that of his party, should President Denis Sassou Nguesso refuse their proposals. *Elie Smith, Journalist, Cameroon & Nigeria Specialist, Bonneuil sur Marne, Greater Paris Region, France,]]>

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