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  • Seychelles: Political Parties Complain of Intimidation Ahead of Presidential Poll
    [Seychelles News Agency] Victoria -As Seychelles gears up for the presidential elections set for December 3 to 5, 2015, the political atmosphere is electric in the Indian Ocean archipelago of 115 islands with a population of around 93,000 people.
  • Uganda: President Museveni Endorsed for Fifth Term
    [Monitor] Namboole -The ruling party’s National Delegates Conference, protected by layers of security, on Sunday endorsed president Museveni as its official flag bearer in the nest year’s presidential elections.
  • Africa: Foreign Troops Helped Defeat Ebola Outbreak
    [SciDev.Net] Military intervention during the 2014 Ebola outbreak was helpful, but more research is needed to define how the armed forces can work with civilian organisations in future health crises, a report says.
  • Africa: Innovation Under the Radar of Climate Talks
    [SciDev.Net] You’ve probably heard of COP21 – the UN negotiations on climate change coming up in Paris in December – but have you heard of POC21? If they look like negative images of each other, that’s not very far from the truth.
  • Somalia: Al Shabaab Fighters Take Over Mogadishu Hotel
    [Dalsan Radio] Fighters from Somali armed group Al Shabaab have taken over Sahafi hotel in the capital, Mogadishu. Eye witness has said two explosions were heard before fighters went inside the hotel that is popular with members of parliament and international agencies staff.
  • Uganda: Opposition Parties Agree on Single Presidential Candidate
    [Observer] Go-Foward’s Amama Mbabazi and Forum for Democratic change flag bearer Kizza Besigye have agreed to field a single joint presidential candidate in next year’s election.
  • Egypt: Sisi Promises Drop in Basic Commodity Prices By End November
    [Aswat Masriya] President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi promised Sunday a drop in the price of basic commodities by the end of November.
  • Rwanda: Who Wants to Fill Kagame's Shoes?
    [New Times] “So you want to fill the shoes of President Kagame?” Asked a Rwandan blogger recently asked in a series of questions in a popular post. “Oh, are you scared of coming out?” He, at once, asked and declared, “May those who want to succeed Kagame come forward: ‘speak now, or forevermore, hold your peace!’ Yep, he went there, too: “Oh, are you scared of coming out?” “Well tough, you’ll earn it, or you can’t handle it.’
  • Uganda: Police Make U-Turn, Okays Mbabazi Rally
    [Monitor] Kampala -Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police, yesterday made a U-turn allowing presidential aspirant, Mr Amama Mbabazi, to launch his manifesto at Nakivubo stadium.

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