New CRC Press Book Provides a Bell Labs Perspective into the Future of Communications

The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective Book cover

The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective Book cover

BOCA RATON, FL, USA, 19 October 2015,-/African Media Agency (AMA)/- CRC Press is pleased to announce the publication of The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective written by Dr. Marcus K. Weldon, CTO of Alcatel-Lucent and President of Bell Labs, together with his Bell Labs team. This is the first book published by the eight-time Nobel Prize-winning Bell Labs research team in its 90 years of existence. In this conversation-starting book, Dr. Weldon explains that we are at the dawn of a new era in networking that will be shaped by the digitization and connection of everything and everyone with the goal of optimizing human decision-making and automating everyday routines and processes. This book aims to set a technological context for these changes and begin a dialog that will help the industry set the right course for the profound change ahead that will be driven by this technological revolution – only the sixth such revolution of the modern era.

“The communications industry is facing unprecedented challenges to meet ever-evolving user demands. Over the next few years, the industry will have to re-think how it builds, deploys, and operates its networks, while making the right technology and market decisions to thrive,” said Emmett Dages, President of CRC Press. “Written by Marcus K. Weldon, the CTO of Alcatel-Lucent and President of Bell Labs, The Future X Network provides a rare insider’s perspective into the future direction of the industry and the technological breakthroughs that will be required at the architectural and systems levels.”

The Future X Network: A Bell Labs Perspective outlines how Bell Labs sees this new technological era unfolding and the key breakthroughs needed at both the architectural and systems levels, as well the market realignments that will result. Each chapter of the book is dedicated to a major area of change and the network, systems and business model innovation that will underpin this new digital future. The book includes challenging perspectives on the Internet of Things, security, cloud, wireless, the home, broadband, the enterprise and more. Marcus Weldon had this to say about the book, “We are at the nexus of a human technological revolution that will be different than any prior era, as it will simultaneously be both global and local, with innovation occurring everywhere.” The global-local collision of markets and technologies will make this technological revolution one of the most disruptive and far-reaching – it will make the first ‘information age’ driven by the creation of the internet and the Web seem more like a preamble than an age in itself.

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About the Book Editor & Author:

Dr. Marcus K. Weldon, CTO of Alcatel-Lucent and President of Bell Labs

FutureXNetwork inforgraphic final As President of Bell Labs and Corporate Chief Technology Officer, Marcus Weldon is responsible for coordinating the technical strategy across the company and driving technological and architectural innovations into the portfolio. Marcus is considered one of the luminaries in our industry in terms of the clarity, depth and breadth of his vision, and his track of picking the right technological disruptions and opportunities, from vectoring for copper access, to the evolution to LTE overlay and Small Cells, to the emergence of virtualization and SDN as profound industry changing forces and the movement towards edge cloud architectures. He combines this vision with the power of Bell Labs, to create a unique innovation engine whose goal is to ‘invent the future’ of the networking and communications industry.

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About CRC Press:

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