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  • South Sudan: Security Council Extends UN Mission, Urges Inclusive Dialogue Towards Lasting Peace
    [UN News] Extending for two months the mandate of the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS), the Security Council urged the parties to implement a recent peace deal and adjusting the operation’s activities, requesting the Secretary-General to prioritize the deployment if unarmed unmanned aerial systems and to make available technical assistance for setting up a hybrid court as called for in the peace agreement.
  • Africa: The 'Nelson Mandela Rules' Aim to Improve Lives of Prisoners
    [News24Wire] The United Nations (UN) general assembly has named a set of guidelines for the humane treatment of prisoners after Nelson Mandela.
  • Guinea: Several Wounded in Guinea Pre-Election Clashes
    [Deutsche Welle] At least a dozen people have been wounded in Guinea as tensions rose ahead of elections. The West African country is due to hold the first round of its second-ever democratic vote for president on Sunday.
  • Eritrea: Eritreans Arrive in Sweden for EU Relocation Programme
    [Deutsche Welle] Sweden has received the first refugees under an EU distribution scheme to ease capacity in Italy and Greece. Nineteen Eritreans arrived on Friday. DW takes a look.
  • South Sudan: Another Peace Deal Unravels in South Sudan
    [IRIN] Nyal -South Sudan’s latest peace deal is unravelling as fighting picks up and a new declaration by President Salva Kiir threatens the most delicately struck parts of the agreement.
  • Ethiopia: ECX Inaugurates E-Trade Platform
    [Ethiopia Government] The Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX) on Friday (October 9) announced the inauguration of its eTRADE platform located at its headquarters. Ato Ermias Eshetu, the CEO of ECX, said, “The inauguration of this eTRADE platform sets a new course for Ethiopia and brings with it unparalleled economic and social benefits. The platform inevitably breaks the physical and time barrier of the current Open-Out-Cry trading platform and provides the ECX with vital economies-of-scale to trade a number of additional new com
  • Africa: Girl-Centred Projects Based On 'Development Fantasy'
    [SciDev.Net] Girl-centred development campaigns fail to consider girls’ real desires and problems, and portray them both as victims and saviours of the global economy, a research paper says.
  • Tunisia: Congratulations to Tunisia for the Nobel Prize
    [Deutsche Welle] The Nobel Peace Prize is not only for the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet. The award is encouragement for all those working for peace and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, Rainer Sollich writes.
  • Ghana: Alarm Over Hike in Unsafe Abortions
    [Deutsche Welle] Unsafe abortions put women’s lives unnecessarily at risk. In Ghana, the high fatality rate is prompting calls for the easing of the abortion law so safe termination of pregnancy is within reach of all who desire it.

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