Amnesty International to launch report on blood diamonds from CAR

200 (1)On 30 September 2015, Amnesty International will launch a new report on the diamond industry, focused on the Central African Republic (CAR) where the trade continues unabated despite sweeping conflict. The report will reveal systematic failures to prevent the trading of blood diamonds, and will address illegal and unethical practices across the sector including: •    How abusive armed groups in CAR profit from the diamond trade. •    How diamond traders in CAR and global trading centres profit from illegal and unethical activity. •    How diamond producing and trading countries are failing to stop the smuggling of CAR’s diamonds into global markets. •    How tax abuse by some international diamond traders means companies make massive profits at the expense of human rights in poor diamond-producing countries. •    How the Kimberley Process hides human rights abuses and illegality within the diamond trade. The report draws on research in the Central African Republic, neighbouring countries and the world’s largest diamond trading centres, Antwerp and Dubai. *APO/Amnesty]]>

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