Meet The Nigerian Doctor Who Wants to Revolutionize Health Care with a hand held hospital

Steve Ayanruoh says his Hospital in a Box is “Big enough to change the world” By Ajong Mbapndah L [caption id="attachment_19899" align="alignleft" width="323"]Dr Steve Ayanruoh Dr Steve Ayanruoh[/caption] It is a portable box, the size that will pass for hand luggage on a flight, but Nigerian born Dr Stephen Ayanruoh says “it is big enough to change the world.” A Pediatrician practicing in New York, Dr Ayanruoh says his idea could profoundly transform the delivery of health care services. “Hospital in a Box” as his invention is called is in effect a mobile hospital of sorts with most of the basic equipment that is used at any medical setting. Presenting Hospital in a box at recent investment forum in Chicago, Dr Ayanruoh said the handheld hospital can enable health care providers to perform medical examinations and share information with ease from any part of the world. The hand held hospital has a spirometer, a nebulizer, thermometer, cuff, pulse oximetry, otoscope, EKG machine and a vehicular powered adapter. Dr Ayanruoh who heads the Ruskat Medical Equipment Corp says his invention will make health care more affordable, accessible, keep digital records, while making it possible for records to be easily and securely shared.   Instead of people paying expensive sums to travel abroad for medical treatment, Dr Ayanruoh believes that with Hospital in a Box, even in remote parts of the world, people can have access to the best medical experts. In working on the product, Dr Ayanruoh says he had his country Nigeria and other African countries in mind eespecially with Nigeria and a number of African countries have expressed interest in the product and Dr Ayanruoh is confident that it could profoundly transform health care delivery in Africa and other parts of the world. Quizzed on the confidentiality of patient information, Dr Ayanruoh said possibilities of breaches are very limited considering that ethical standards are taken very seriously by his group. With a price tag of $27,000 on the product, Dr Ayanruoh was asked if the economic realities in Africa would not be impediment to access. What the product offers makes it cost effective Ayanruoh said. Over time using his product would enable more people have access to quality health care, and over time, the overall costs could effectively go down he said. A lot of time and resources have been devoted to fine tune and boast the efficiency of what is been offered, he said, expressing confidence on the revolution that it could bring to the delivery of health care.   Included on an upcoming multi-African nation tour of the US Trade Department, Dr Ayanruoh said he was looking forward to the opportunity to present his product health care professionals in the continent. *For more information on Hospital in a Box contact Dr Ayanruoh. Email, Tel:  19153213190,Cel,19147743655  ]]>

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