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  • Zimbabwe: Job Losses Intensify
    [Zimbabwe Independent] THE bloodbath of worker dismissals through the termination of contracts on three months’ notice will continue for at least until the end of the month as parliament, which is supposed to pass amendments to the Labour Act to stem haemorrhage, has adjourned until September.
  • Africa: African Refugee Influx to Europe
    [Deutsche Welle] Thousands of Africans are undertaking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in pursuit of a better life. We take a look at their countries of origin and reasons for their flight.
  • Somalia: Deadly Battle Again Erupts in Central Somalia
    [Shabelle] Heavy gun battle between government forces backed Ethiopian troops, serving under AMISOM banner and Al Shabaab militants has again flared up in central Somalia’s Hiran region, official said.
  • Zimbabwe: Mugabe Barred From Ivory Coast, Blames France
    [New Zimbabwe] Claims he was barred from Ivory Coast … President Robert Mugabe
  • Burkina Faso: Govt Calls for Aid As Floods Set to Worsen
    [IRIN] Ouagadougou -Nearly 20,000 people have been affected this week by heavy rains and flooding in and around Burkina Faso’s capital Ouagadougou. More than 3,700 are now homeless, their houses reduced to piles of mud and debris.
  • Nigeria: Govt to Establish Weapons Factory
    [Daily Trust] President Muhammadu Buhari has directed the Ministry of Defence to produce a plan for the establishment of a modest Military Industrial Complex for the local production of weapons.
  • Zimbabwe: Coup De Grace? Plots and Purges in Zimbabwe
    [Zimbabwe Independent] This is the conclusion of the latest report written by law expert Derek Matyszak of the Research and Advocacy Unit in Zimbabwe titled Coup de Grace?
  • South Sudan: Peace Talks Resume As Deadline Looms for South Sudan
    [Deutsche Welle] Delegations from the two warring factions in South Sudan are once again meeting in Addis Ababa in an effort to reach a long-awaited peace deal. However, the two sides still seem far apart.
  • Mali: Gunmen Attack Hotel in Central Mali
    [Deutsche Welle] Unidentified people armed with guns have attacked a hotel in central Mali, killing at least one person. The hotel is frequented by United Nations peacekeepers and foreign tourists.

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