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  • Swaziland: Dozens of Girls on Way to Cut Reeds Die in Crash
    [SSN] The Swaziland Solidarity Network joins the entire Swazi nation in mourning the tragic demise of young Swazi girls who were on their way to cut reeds for the Umhlanga Reed dance. The accident occurred along the Mbabane — Manzini highway.
  • Africa: How the Diets of Early Humans Explain Our Eating Habits
    [The Conversation Africa] Much attention is being given to what people ate in the distant past as a guide to what we should eat today. Advocates of the claimed palaeodiet recommend that we should avoid carbohydrates and load our plates with red meat and fat. Its critics, on the other hand, argue that these are the same ingredients that would set us up for heart attacks. Moreover, these animal-derived foods require more space to produce on our crowded planet filled with starving humans.
  • Zimbabwe: Mugabe Ranked 5th Worst African Leader but the Most Educated
    [New Zimbabwe] PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has been judged the most educated African leader by a popular African website which however places him an ignominious third among the continent’s worst leaders.
  • Burundi: Uneasy Neighbours – Rwanda and Burundi
    [Deutsche Welle] The Burundian crisis has stoked tensions with Rwanda. Arrests of foreign nationals and mutual recriminations are unlikely to lead to war, but a possible split of the region into two rival blocs is worrying observers.
  • Chad: Boko Haram Members Sentenced to Death
    [Leadership] Government of the Republic of Chad has sentenced ten members of the dreaded Boko Haram group to death on terror charges.
  • Africa: India's Generic Drug Wars and What it Means for Africa
    [SciDev.Net] Aaron Motsoaledi, South Africa’s health minister, recently fired up debates on global drug policy by warning that proposed changes to Indian patent law could spell death for Africans who depend on cheap, Indian-made drugs. “We regard India as the pharmacy of the developing world,” Motsoaledi said. “They
  • Africa: Early Warning Systems Help Track the Weather and Can Do the Same for Species
    [The Conversation Africa] The landscapes of southern Africa have changed at a dizzying pace over the last few decades. We may not link our stress levels, our road rage, or feelings of alienation to the steady homogenisation of our environment. But they are profoundly linked.
  • Africa: Intellectual Property – What Can Be Learnt From South Africa's "Please Call Me" Case
    [The Conversation Africa] Throughout history intellectual property has been a contested terrain. Recent legal disputes involving big companies such as Apple and Samsung have brought the subject down to an everyday conversation.
  • Africa: Open Access Is Not Free
    [The Conversation Africa] There is no such thing as a free lunch – or free open access.

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