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  • Kenya: The Failure of Land Law Reform
    [Africa Research Institute] Land is a “key fault line”1 in Kenya. Throughout East Africa, land reform has failed to confront the material consequences of unequal access. Since the 1990s, law reform has been the favoured means of addressing contentious land issues. Bilateral and multilateral donors have promoted the rule of law, administrative justice, formalisation of tenure, promotion of individual title, encouragement of property markets and technical solutions – the cornerstone of what has been termed “global land policy”. This te
  • Africa: Simple Hospitality Could Be the Answer to the European Migrant 'Crisis'
    [The Conversation Africa] Since the beginning of 2015, thousands of refugees and migrants have landed on European shores, fleeing desperate circumstances to try to make a new life. They end up stranded in the places that Westerners like to use as holiday destinations and are now to be seen nightly trying to pass through the Channel tunnel – a thoroughfare more generally used for leisure. When they do so, they are dismissed as “swarms” and treated as “aliens”.
  • Kenya: Court Acquits Soldiers Accused of Deserting Army
    [The Star] In a stinging defeat for the state, the High Court in Mombasa yesterday freed 25 ex-soldiers sentenced to life imprisonment for desertion by a court martial.
  • South Africa: Dogs Banned From Cape Town Beach After Penguins Killed
    [News24Wire] Dogs have temporarily been banned from along Burghers’ Walk to Links Crescent in Simon’s Town after eight endangered African penguins were killed in two days.
  • Zimbabwe: Khama's Call for Democracy Exposes Mugabe
    [Zimbabwe Independent] NEW Sadc chairperson, Botswana President Ian Khama’s emphasis on the need for the region to be a beacon for democracy exposes his predecessor President Robert Mugabe who has been widely accused of gross human rights abuses, election-rigging and authoritarian repression for over three decades.
  • Somalia: Two Radio Stations Shut Down
    [Shabelle] Moderate Islamist group of Ahlu Sunna soldiers have on Friday morning shut down two radio stations in Guriel town in central Somalia, journalists said.
  • Mozambique: Igepe Intends to Sell, Liquidate More Than Half Its Companies
    [AIM] Maputo -The Mozambican government’s Institute for the Management of State Holdings (IGEPE) wants to liquidate or sell off 68 of the 113 companies in which the state owns shares.
  • Kenya: Scores Killed Near Somalia-Kenya Border
    [Shabelle] Several government soldiers including military commander have been killed in deadly attack on army base in Giriley village near Somalia-Kenya border, officials confirmed.
  • Algeria: Ghost of French Colonialism Haunts Education Debate
    [RFI] A proposal for changing the way school children in Algeria learn how to read and write has sparked a storm of protest, underscoring sensitivities about language half a century after independence from France. Under the scheme, teachers use Standard Arabic even though few Algerians have it as their mother tongue.

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