Azania: when foreigners must leave, invaders must be deported.

By Jacques Sotero Agboton*

Jacques Sotero Agboton
Jacques Sotero Agboton

The hopes of a generation of combatants against apartheid were soon dashed when they realized that they were bamboozled to believe that the celebration of independence brought an end to their liberation struggle.

Alas, the liberation struggle was misdirected for some pseudo-independence in which another 30 million Blacks have joined 800 million already in enclaves as modern slaves under the tutelage of a Commonwealth; a Francophone or Lusophone Union which were no different than reservations for native Indians in the USA.

Even when not acknowledged or when not recognized, this deception can explain in part, the xenophobic fury misdirected against foreigners when they, too, were victims of a larger and overwhelming system of oppression.

Here again, there is a need to overstate how Apartheid dissolved into this greater deceptive monster of a “rainbow nation” just like a cancer metastasis from one organ to other organs of the body. One has to understand the psychology of a post-traumatic syndrome because the consequences of the recent xenophobic attacks of Blacks on Blacks- of nationals against foreigners- was symptomatic of the regressive attributes of this rainbow nation which took one of the cancer of Apartheid –perfidious hate against the other people, to its inevitable conclusion.

The murders, repression and oppression of other Blacks, thus making another wave of victims to the advantage of Whites left the latter as the only victor of another psychological warfare in which Blacks lost the battle. These so-called Statesmen and pacifists must have been without foresight to have imposed the absolution of the “white race” when vengeance would have brought justice.

Today, the Black victims of these disoriented Brothers and Sisters in Azania; these foreigners who had no control of the war game in which they were ultimately positioned as a rampart between the true landowners and white invaders by far-seeing strategists for the length of time or until the illusions of the rainbow nation dissipated.

These foreigners cannot be blamed, but for filling positions in the social and economic order. Above them in the hierarchy, were plantation overseers like many political cadres of the ANC and the Caucus of demagogues in power who remain disloyal members of our race. This is stated in so far as there is neither a black middle class, nor a bourgeoisie in economic slavery.

The fury of the oppressed or rather, the impoverished citizens towards these castes of foreigners can be understood because they held a part of the national wealth (as insignificant it may be) which should accrue to them.

However, it is now that the impoverished citizens of Azania will come to the realization that the greater part of this nation’s wealth is held in agencies, corporations and institutions on behalf of whites since the latter are the main beneficiaries of exclusive rights as well as dividends guaranteed to them in the various agreements and protocols signed before the so-called independence.

What is in a “South Africa”; what is South African is still in the hands as the heritage of Apartheid’s icons- the Boers and the so-called, Afrikaners. Behold their ancestors were invaders who committed the most heinous, criminal and inhuman monstrosities against indigenous Azanians such that their progeny today must be deported now that foreigners cannot serve them as ramparts or as guard dogs.

Nelson Mandela at his presidential inauguration with his deputies, FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki, what happened to the South African promise?
Nelson Mandela at his presidential inauguration with his deputies, FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki, what happened to the South African promise?

The inevitable showdown of Whites in the apartheid fortresses of corporations, institutions and agencies with Azanians is imminent because every generation will demand its rights to a free and proper education from kindergarten to the University; proper guidance in vocational or professional training; a preventive health care; work because so infrastructures need to be built, constructed and developed; housing with basic amenities as electricity and water as well as assistance by innovative communications and transportation.

The Azanians are the owners of the land which is immensely rich to provide for every citizen the highest standard of living no other country on any continent of the world can attain. It is now and once again, within the ultimate reach of those whose brave ancestors sacrificed their lives to liberate their land from European invaders and their descendants whose callousness is in the image of Europe’s depravity.

The foreigners are gone, and so must be deported the invaders for justice is still in the twilight of a Renaissance of the African people.

*Jacques Sotero Agboton is an international political analyst and can be reached at Views expressed are those of the author.



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