A reconstruction of the conscientious movement within Pan-Africanism

By Jacques Sotero Agboton*

189720_100714040010526_6329127_nThere is a renewed conquest of Black people across the planet by Whites, and it is ferocious because it leaves no other outcome than the total decimation of the race.

If the conquest has taken such a decisive turn, it is also because the enemies of African people have patiently waited for the once active and experienced war veterans to pass away such that the generation of peace or better yet the generation that has known prolonged peace, finds itself in this vulnerable position.

However, the term ” generation of peace” is rather deceptive since as a whole, Black people have never known peace although recesses of direct military attacks which shifts like waves from one community or even nation to another. What appears to have dissipated at one location is in fact a shift to another devastating conflict which in recent times, is a programmed genocide. It really does not matter who commits the war crimes as long as the final solution remains. The writer cannot be more graphic than the various images shown in the media.

In the matrix of white domination or total white supremacy, the strategy of using proxies as well as internal operatives within the Black race has achieved consequential results. Black people in general and Black men especially, need to realize that they are undoubtedly the primary targets whether they acknowledge it or not.

Perhaps, African-American psychiatrist, Dr Frances Cress Welsing rightly gives the reason when she remarked that when men in any society are dominated by the oppressors, all their women and children also become captives. Until it is stated and reiterated every day, this illusion of “independence or civil liberties” will cloud the real state of Black people.

The threat to the white male dominated world order just as much to white controlled society, is still Black men for intrinsically, White neurosis, otherwise said, the fear of white men is to see Black men liberate themselves, their women and children and thus, avenge the whole race for centuries old slavery and subjugation.
Hence, the permanent assault of the enemies is against Black men. In short, the elaborate design of such strategy has included the use of totally disloyal Black men and women; disruptive movements as Black feminists, and more insidiously, the LGBT movement with to its core, unrepentant lesbians.
This point is important in that, Black societies are matrifocal. Those who have suspended their viewpoints based on patrician or matrilineal doctrines, have simply been misled by Eurocentric dichotomization which inevitably reflects issues on gender clashes. Social hierarchy in white male domination has been since its Greco-Roman origin linear. The factor to maintain white privilege is not the domination of their female as one supposes but the other male. The white society is inherently anti-sexual and the euphemism of the designate “homosexual” simply reinforces not only the pervasiveness of this psychotic behavior but also, its acceptance.

Black men who entered the inferior planes of this hierarchy, either by direct or indirect emasculation, sometimes pacified by unconscious Black women or nursed through treachery by avowed Black misandrists ( women who hate men) , have become the menace to their own society and by extension, weakened the conscientious movement of Pan-Africans.
After all, what is the psychological disposition of men who wallow in the excrement of other men, and pretend they are making love when women, of the complimentary gender, are there for that purpose? What is the psychological disposition of Black misandrists who destroy the family unity because they have unresolved issues which inhibit equilibrium and normative relationships?

It must be understood that Pan-Africanism is the philosophy of the liberation of Black people from white domination, not some incoherent panache with Eurocentric philosophies of Marxism-Socialism nor some cockamamie of liberalism-capitalism much less some humanism of a global village where Blacks served as slaves then canon fodders against the enemies of whites just to suffer the same fate today as these victims.
There is no need to reiterate what has been many times said of the swift treatment of traitors and disloyal persons among Black people, but to add that the conscientious movement needs to build ramparts against defectors. In a clearly stated language, it is time to shut out the feminist and LGBT movement.
Finally, there can be no better passage to end this than an elder’s teachings.

” There is no beauty but in relationships. Nothing cut off by itself is beautiful. Never can things in destructive relationship be beautiful. All beauty is in the creative purpose of our relationships; all ugliness is in the destructive aims of the destroyers arrangements. The mind that knows this, the destroyers will set trap for it, but the destroyers’ trap will never hold that mind. The group that knows this and works knowing this, that group itself is a work of beauty, creation’s work. Against such a group the destroyers will set traps for the body, traps for the heart, traps to destroy the mind. Such group none of the destroyers’ traps can hold.
Soon we shall end this remembrance, the sound of it. It is the substance that continues. Soon it will end. Yet still, what a scene of carnage the white destroyers have brought here, what a destruction of bodies, what a death of souls!” _Ayi Kwei Armah

*Jacques Sotero Agboton is an international political analyst and can be reached at institutresearchdevelopment@gmail.com

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