“Nigerians shall trust President Goodluck for second term to continue & stabilize transformational agenda".”

President Jonathan with PDP USA Chair Dr Harold Molokwu, PDP USA Intelligence Committee member Rev Uba Light, and Indiana PDP Chair Dr Sam Ogonuwe President Jonathan with PDP USA Chair Dr Harold Molokwu, PDP USA Intelligence Committee member Rev Uba Light, and Indiana PDP Chair Dr Sam Ogonuwe[/caption] The reluctant President Goodluck Jonathan was when he replaced late President Yar’Adua is today in the political fight of his life as he seeks a second term of office on the platform of the ruling PDP. In the face of a rejuvenated and seemingly united APC opposition and the security challenges posed by Boko Haram, the ruling party is having a hard time making a case for the re-election of President Jonathan. It is unfair to judge President Jonathan solely from the fight against Boko Haram says Dr. Harold Molokwu who heads the PDP in the USA. While Nigeria may be facing security challenges, President Godluck Jonathan has done much with his development agenda and Nigerians will trust him with a second term to stabilize the progress made. Molokwu who has been mobilizing Nigerians in the USA and mandating them to call their family members at home to support Jonathan’s re-election bid believes that Nigerians understand the differences between what Jonathan has done to help transform the country and the blurred and flawed agenda that the opposition APC General Buhari is offering Nigerians. “The APC candidate is lacking in democratic credentials and the dubious character of his acolytes can mean a return to a past that Nigerians have resolutely turned their back on.” Pressed on the lackluster response of the Jonathan administration in the fight against Boko Haram, Molokwu said while the sect has taken lives and slowed the services; the PDP government has done what it could in difficult circumstances to keep the country stable. Accusing the opposition APC of using a national crisis for political purposes, Dr Molokwu said with the support of well intentioned Nigerians, President Jonathan will lead the country to victory in the fight against Boko Haram. What are your impressions after the nomination of President Jonathan to seek reelection on the platform of the ruling party? For an administration that came into office with enormous challenges, lucid observers will be amazed at the number of tangible achievements recorded. Everyone is aware of the instability caused by unprecedented internal security challenges which have gulped enormous resources and impeded physical delivery of projects in some areas like economic management, non oil exports, rail aviation power, agricultures, housing security and political reforms amongst others have seen growing progress. The democratic dividends that progressive movements, military personnel, women and all are enjoying must be sustained .These and many others are the reasons our great party the PDP asked for our leader President Goodluck Jonathan to consider running for a second term so as to cement this progressive transformational agenda. How prepared is the PDP for the elections considering the opposition from the opposing APC and the challenges that the country is facing today? PDP –USA is satisfied with the Party leadership of the present Chairman Dr Adamu Mu’azu and the National Secretary Prof Adewale Oladipo. We have seen a growth in party loyalty and loyalty helps as members work for the collective interest. The Chairman maintained in public statements that candidates will emerge through the party machinery and not imposed. And it makes a lot of sense to know that we like to go wherever it is possible and try to ensure that popular candidates emerge to reflect the views and opinions of the members of the party and not two or three persons staying in an air-conditioned room to impose candidates or change results after primaries, we don’t think such can happen now, we are now a changed party in fact, you can call it a ‘transformational great party.’ We are happy that this has taken place because it has restored the confidence of members and our party is gaining more strength than ever before right now as you will experience in the forth coming general elections. We are going to wax stronger than we have ever done because of this new hope, there is nothing as good as hope because if you don’t have hope you will act in a desperate manner, any desperate person tends to make too many errors. Our party, I can confidently tell you is now on the right direction more than ever before, I must be honest with you that we commend Mr. President and all the key stakeholders. With respect to the opposition party APC, I personally congratulate their singular purpose to lead a country that is moving forward, without any serious program known to anyone, and with a former military dictator, who never believed in any democratic process. At this junction, our dear country does not need command tones rather we needs dialogue which comes with democratic process. Well, I am happy that we have a party like APC, and the reason I am one of those who feels very happy about this is that to have only one party will lead to complacency, it is good there is healthy competition, I wish APC will be stronger than it is now, it does not weaken PDP, it can only make us to be stronger and to work harder. Many are those who think that the current PDP Government has not done enough to alleviate the plight of Nigerians, what are some of the arguments or achievements that make the case for a second term for President Goodluck Jonathan? [caption id="attachment_15398" align="alignright" width="384"]PDP USA Chair Dr Harold Molokwu PDP USA Chair Dr Harold Molokwu[/caption] This PDP Government led by President Jonathan is determined to pursue and actualize his administration’s transformation agenda in spite of the tendency of the opposition to feed the public with wrong information. I’ am asking those entrusted with the responsibility of managing information for government to rise to the challenge of dispelling misinformation to the public, That is lacking because the principal is bent on delivering and his handlers must stand up to let the world know the wonderful job done by Mr. President with the impact ranging from the credit rating, to financial markets, roads, environment, creative industry and a lot more. I can tell you that President Jonathan’s commitment to transforming this country remains unshaken despite the growing tendency of the opposition to misinform the public. It is our responsibility to stem this unwholesome trend. We need sustained efforts to debunk the misinformation and campaigns of calumny against the PDP led government. The Administration has lived up to the promise made since its inauguration, and our party must aggressively make Nigerians see the progress Nigeria has made under President Jonathan. Looking at the security situation in the country with rampant atrocities from Boko Haram and the general economic situation in the country, has the Jonathan Administration not fallen short? We observed that multiple statements from a person of Military dictator General Ibrahim Buhari’s age and status could have helped douse the tension in the land; the APC standard-bearer instead used incendiary remarks which emboldened insurgents, apparently in keeping with the agenda of his party to achieve political control through violence, Nigerians are not fools. We compared the attitude of APC leaders on insurgency to “the metaphor of a young man sent on a criminal mission by the father, whose boldness knows no bounds.” We Nigerians have not forgotten the spontaneous violence and mayhem on innocent citizens following inciting statements by Military dictator Buhari and other APC leaders then in the defunct CPC, upon losing the 2011 presidential election. “The APC leaders have, so far, left no Nigerian in doubt of their party’s violent disposition as Military dictator General Buhari, in May 2012, remorselessly stated that ‘the monkey and baboon will be soaked in blood’ should he lose the 2015 presidential election. Attesting that penchant for violence flows in the portal vein of the rank and file of the APC, Military dictator Buhari’s right hand man and former FCT Minister, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, in his capacity then as APC deputy national secretary, in January 2014, told the whole world that ‘the next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die. And the only alternative left to get power is to take it by force; this is the reality on ground.’ I pray that our good God will forgive them and protect Nigeria from non- Nigerian mental manners. Nigerians have also read and heard other ricocheting calls for violence and threats of parallel government from other leaders of this same party. These are not just mere slips, but incontrovertible snips from the agenda of the APC to sustain insurgency and set the stage for carnage after they lose in the 2015 general election. We at PDP will vote and wait for the authority empowered to call election results to declare the winner and in democracy, our party will stand to protect that. We find it funny that the APC, which has presented its standard-bearer, Military dictator General Buhari, as a macho mascot that will bring insurgency to an end in matter of weeks using sheer force, is turning round to play the card of dialogue just to disparage the president. Ironically, for over a year of Military dictator General Buhari’s draconian rule in the 1980s and even now in pretended love for democracy, the General is never known to be amenable to any form of dialogue. So, where will this hyped Midas touch on dialogue come from? Well-meaning Nigerians appreciate the way and manner the Jonathan-led administration is confronting insurgency using dialogue and the military option. Twice, the Council of State has appraised and endorsed this approach despite spirited efforts by the opposition to distract the president and demoralize our security forces. But Boko Haram is really dominating the news on Nigeria to the point it appears nothing else is working in the country, what is working? The insurgency by the group that has become known as Boko Haram seemed especially grim back then, a relentless series of attacks leaving scores of civilians dead, mostly unnoticed by the rest of the world. Two years on, it has taken the kidnapping of more than 200 girls from their school in the remote north-east to draw global attention to the violence that has for years shaken parts of Nigeria. Outrage has led many to question what the west or anyone can do to help, an understandable response. This is not Nigerian culture, not Islamic culture of love. I personally went to school in Gamboru, Ngala, the Kanuri’s are the most welcoming people in Nigeria, this wicked sect took advantage of their welcoming President knowing he will not take action that will lead this wicked sect to destroy the girls’ lives. The President knows what is doing and things will be coming well soon. But this crisis provides an opportunity to look more deeply at the causes of the insurgency. The world must keep in mind that it is a problem to a large degree born and bred both in and outside Nigeria. Ultimately, it must be resolved by Nigerians and other neighboring countries that Boko Haram is made up of. It is therefore wrong for people to rate the present administration based on the rising insurgency in the country. Some fake Nigerians want us to believe that the only testimony of performance of this administration is insecurity, which was hatched by their friends to enable them win an election. Real Nigerians are very smart and President Jonathan who is God fearing will emerge with stronger support from Nigerians to lead the country in an all out fight against Boko Haram and we hope that the opposition party must accept the will of the real Nigerians without any iota of support of Boko Haram. This government is totally working every day to end insurgency. Nobody planned for insurgency. And yet the insurgency is a serious problem on its own to contain and President Jonathan will lead Nigeria to victory against Boko Haram. So, Mr Journalist, this government’s capability and performance cannot solely be represented on the outcome of the insurgency. There is a transformational agenda on agriculture, education, infrastructure, health, transportation, social development and many other component parts are working. God is with our noble country, and this president understands that. If the PDP maintains the Presidency, what should Nigerians expect from the Jonathan Administration and why should Nigerians believe that he will do better or that promises made by your party will be kept? Continuity and more transformational agendas and cementing all the good ideas this administration initiated for future presidents to continue towards a greater Nigeria, a better Nigeria that people of the world will start immigrating to Nigeria to live, do not forget 1960’s and 1980’s .The PDP government is taking our country towards a private driven economy like American, France, German, Japan, let me assure you Nigeria is moving to greatness and the sacrifices our brothers and sisters are marking is proving better and a stable Nigeria for our children will be the result. The APC party wants to come and reopen NITEL, Refineries, and PHCN and to put their masters to run it fraudulently. Those days are gone, those are avenues through which APC leaderships want to defraud and embezzle government funds. Successful government in EU runs private driven economy which creates jobs. [caption id="attachment_15399" align="alignleft" width="300"]Chair of PDP Governors Forum Godswill Akpabio with Harold Molokwu in Washington DC Chair of PDP Governors Forum Godswill Akpabio with Harold Molokwu in Washington DC[/caption] The PDP lead government is not perfect, the members are human, no one is perfect, some people expect the super humans, the perfect men in APC to take over and do the magic. It’s a shame they play their own politics with lots of propaganda, shame on those thieves. The APC party is fraud, and they are selling a dummy to gullible Nigerians. But the period of arrogance in Nigeria politics is much over, our leaders must be Nigerians first, with the understanding on how to create jobs. The PDP led government is presently encouraging and empowering the youths to be self-independent, self-sufficient, creating jobs, and more not seen only by the APC. I guess when the General comes in too, he will cancel these initiatives and send everyone to prison because vendetta is in his blood. He thinks he is the only righteous man in Nigeria, but he is full of deceit, hate and lies which will soon be out. Nigerians shall trust President Goodluck for second term to stabilize all progress made, please Nigerians do, not change a known good drive, just for the sake of Boko Haram, which aim is to force President Goodluck out of office and APC is trying all possible means to take advantage of that, by making sure Boko Haram is the news Monday to Sunday. I have spoken to some close APC leadership that agree with this view and simply for the sake of winning election. How involved is the PDP USA involved in developments back in Nigeria and are there any events in sight to share the platform of the Jonathan/Sambo ticket to Nigerians? PDP- USA is involved in advising and contributing in the development of our party and Government at all levels through the party channel and we strongly encourage our leaders to activate, maintain and intensify engagement with Nigerian diaspora members in systematic, incremental and interactive basis. In president Goodluck’s administration, diasporans are an integral part of economic and power sectors. After this election more engagement with Diasporas will intensify. The diaspora was represented well in the conference of all Nigeria that just concluded few months back. PDP-USA is very actively involved in reelection of Mr. President, and soon the re-election team will be in the Washington DC area for more sensitization meetings and to explain the merits of the Jonathan administration as it marches to victory for a second term. What is the membership of the PDP in the USA and what other activities are your members involved besides the politics to help move Nigeria forward? The presence of our great party in America has not only heralded several improvements amongst Nigerians living in USA but has also moved Nigerians in an upward progression in terms of discipline, co-operation and the overall push towards rebranding and repositioning Nigeria’s image in America. Prior to the PDP-USA presence many Nigerians had reported some years back that the mission, the vision, and the diplomatic actions of the Nigerian embassy in Atlanta and Washington DC lacked the required diplomatic tenets. By then, going to the embassy as some claimed used to be frightening for many Nigerians, in addition to the fact that the long wait and rude behavior of some of the officials showed that it was nothing but a diplomatic mess happening at the Nigeria embassies. As at the time, it was evidently clear that the relationship between Nigerians and the Nigerian embassy was that of acrimony and zero tolerance from Nigerians. But today, the case is different; the staff attitude towards Nigerians has improved as they have become approachable to serve Nigerians, thanks to our several branch chairmen activities that promoted engagement of the embassy. PDP-USA leadership emphasized the need to build a network among all Nigerians to serve as a necessary partnership link to move Nigerians in American and at home forward and working together for the promotion of Nigeria, marketing its image, business, investment and tourism potentials and a lot more. Each time the PDP has won elections since 1999, the opposition has cried foul, is the electoral body and process credible to guarantee a free and fair election and if for some reason the PDP does not win, will the party accept the results? Yes the electoral body is under a well capable chairman that all Nigeria’s respect and trust with proven records of very free and fair election, rest assured that my party will accept any election results, that why our party is working very hard. The PDP lead government occupies the moral high ground as far as commitment to issues-based campaign is concerned. Our word remains our bond. Since we made that commitment, we have focused on issues. We have also taken up the responsibility of drawing the attention of Nigerians to the obvious cases of incompetence and failings of the APC and those who aspire to the leadership of our nation through that platform. As our party leader President Goodluck stated that “You must always remember that we are a party of democrats, not a party of hooligans. We are a party of patriots, not a party of renegades. We are a party of statesmen and women. We are a party of builders not destroyers. We are a party of committed servants of the people. You must let our people see once again, that we are in this to serve and to move Nigeria forward, not to move Nigeria backwards. No election should be a do or die contest.” The president added: ‘‘we have everything that it takes to run an excellent and victorious campaign. Our great party has demonstrated to Nigerians that it is the party with the broadest appeal. We are the strongest and the biggest. We have engaged the people of Nigeria positively with people-friendly policies, which have moved Nigeria forward. In the last four years, despite the security challenges we have had to contend with, Nigeria, under our watch, has made significant strides in every aspect. Our economy today is the largest and the strongest in the African continent, and a preferred destination for foreign direct investment.” The PDP USA indicated that “Nigerians have not forgotten the spontaneous violence and mayhem on innocent citizens following inciting statements by General Ibrahim Buhari and other APC leaders, upon losing the 2011 presidential election. The APC leaders have, so far, left no Nigerian in doubt of their party’s violent disposition as General Buhari, in May 2012, remorselessly stated that ‘the monkey and baboon will be soaked in blood’ should he lose the 2015 presidential election. Attesting that penchant for violence flows in the portal vein of the rank and file of the APC, leaders and former APC Governor aspirant in Kaduna state, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, in his capacity then as APC deputy national secretary, in January 2014, told the whole world that ‘the next election is likely to be violent and many people are likely going to die. And the only alternative left to get power is to take it by force; this is the reality on ground.’ Dr. Harold Molokwu, any message from you to those who fear for Nigeria’s future and predict its collapse each time it is faced with big crisis.? Talk about Nigeria’s breakup is nonsense, it is ridiculous speculation that Nigeria would break up this year. I can’t find any prediction by anyone in the world that Nigeria will break up in 2015 or beyond. It is a ridiculous assertion if any. Here we are in stable Nigeria in 2015; do you see any signs of this country breaking up? I don’t. I see Nigeria in a challenging time, nonetheless gradually moving forward to a very bright future. Most of the developed countries went through the challenges we are going today. PDP USA invites Nigerians to vote for President Goodluck Jonathan for continuity and also congratulates Senate President Dr. David mark on the stability of the upper chamber and wishing him and senate leaderships of our great party good luck in coming election. Nigerians should vote PDP to cement its democratic foundation.]]>

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