Student to setup country's first ever mobile money transfer service for Vivacell

Lual_MayenA South Sudanese Student of Software Engineering, at Makerere University in Uganda aims to establish South Sudan’s first ever mobile phone money transfer service with Vivacell. A mobile-phone based money transfer service is a new quick effective and convenient way of sending and receiving money through network providers. The student, Lual Michael Mayen wants to create Bank it System, similar to mobile-phone money transfer system used in East African countries of Uganda and Kenya. “Bank it system, is very cheap and it is for everyone, educated and uneducated, because everyone is using a phone,” He Said. According to him, this type of money transfer is going to remove queues in banks, and generally bring new breath to the money transfer services. “It is going to be the same work, like what M-Pesa is doing in Kenya, and what MTN mobile money (M-Sente) is doing in Uganda, but with different codes and features,” he asserted. He appealed to citizens to have trust and take keen interest in Hi Tech, “it is impossible for me to do it alone,” Lual said. He also stated that a smartphone application called “It South Sudan App” is being finalized, the app will help foreigners and tourists find the most suitable hotels in Juba. *Source Talk of Juba]]>

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