Liberia: President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments in Government; New Ministers of Public Works, Education, Health, Among Others


[caption id="attachment_14175" align="alignleft" width="290"]Photo: Liberia Government President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of her cabinet (file photo). Photo: Liberia Government
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and members of her cabinet (file photo).[/caption] President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made a number of new appointments in government especially affecting the Ministries of Public Works, Education, and Health, and the National Investment Commission, among others. According to an Executive Mansion release, in a Special Address to the Nation on Sunday, November 16, the Liberian President emphasized that as government continue to combat the Ebola virus and strive to achieve the national objective of zero-new-cases by Christmas, Government must also attend to the difficult job of recovery. She indicated that in doing so, this requires a team that is adaptable, responsive, disciplined, loyal, and focused, nothing further, “a team that is understanding of the prevailing challenges, and are resolved to respond by taking appropriate risks to get things done on time,” President Sirleaf said, adding, “It is my job to continuously vet and ready such a team for the challenges we currently face and those that lie ahead.” In naming the new faces to the Executive Branch of Government, the Liberian leader noted that a few were transferred or reassigned, signifying her recognition of their capabilities and performance; while others were dropped from where they served, but will be given appropriate opportunities to continue to serve the country. “I am deeply grateful for the services and contribution of all of those who have served or continue to serve,” the Liberian leader said. She said the Government and people of Liberia are not short on expectation that going forward will be spent not only on catching up and continuing with the transformational agenda of the country but also to exploring creative new approaches by which they deliver on the agenda within the limited time of our stewardship. President Sirleaf said it was her hope that this team will take us to the finish line. “But make no mistake: As Captain, I will not hesitate to change anyone who fails to meet our expectations,” she warned. Those appointed include: Ministry of Public Works Mr. William Gyude Moore – Minister Mr. Roland Giddings – Deputy Minister for Administration Ministry of Education Dr. Elizabeth Davis-Russell – Minister Dr. Nancy Freeman – Deputy Minister for Administration Mr. Anthony Nimely – Deputy Minister for Planning, Research and Development National Investment Commission Mrs. Etmonia David Tarpeh – Chairperson Ministry of Health Mr. George Werner – Minister Dr. Gwenigale will continue to serve as Advisor until his planned retirement in February.
Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection Mrs. Julia Duncan-Cassell – Minister Mr. Peter Roberts – Deputy Minister for Administration Mrs. Sienne Abdul-Baki – Deputy Minister for Gender Mrs. Mardia Martin Wiles – Deputy Minister for Policy, Planning & Technical Services Mrs. Lydia Sherman – Deputy Minister for Children and Social Protection Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr. Wede Brownell – Deputy Minister for Administration Ms. Albratha Doe – Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs Ministry of Transport Mr. Bushuben M. Keita – Deputy Minister for Administration Ministry of Commerce & Industry Mr. Cyril Allen, Jr. – Deputy Minister for Commerce Mr. Mohammed Turay – Assistant Minister for Industry
National AIDS Commission Ms. Candace Eastman – Commissioner (replacing Ms. Wessehdi Sio-Njoh) Ministry of Youth & Sports Mr. Ramses Kumbuyah – Deputy Minister for Administration (replacing Ms. Jacqueline Capehart) Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy Mr. Zack Sharpe – Deputy Minister for Administration Ministry of Information Mr. Andrew Tehmeh – Deputy Minister for Administration (to replace Norris Tweah who moves on to the University of Liberia) Ministry of Internal Affairs Ms. Gbemie Horace Kollie – Deputy Minister for Operations (replacing Mr. Ranney Jackson) Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Ms. Margretta Smith-General – Assistant Minister for Administration (replacing Mr. James Cooper) Liberia Broadcasting System Mr. Ledgerhood Rennie – Director General Mr. Patrick Honnah – Deputy Director General for Broadcasting Mr. Christopher Sellee – Deputy Director General for Rural Communications *allafrica]]>

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