Justice delayed is not justice denied:The Case of Bishop Luigi Locati

By Rosemary wanjiru Luigi-LocatiA High Court Judge, Fred Ochieng, has sentenced two men for the murder of the late Bishop Luigi Locati. Whilst investigations were carried out .The accused, Father Guyo Waqo and his  partner had served nine years in custody. The 77-year-old Italian bishop of the Isiolo diocese met his death on July 14, 2005.  Guyo Waqo, Mohammed, Aden Mohamed, Mahati Halake, Diqa Wario and Roba Bariche were charged in 2005 for his murder. The judge acquitted Diqa Wario. Ochieng said Wario was tricked when he hired out his gun. He thought it was intended for hunting Ostrich. And Wario added he didn’t know it was used as a murder weapon. Consequently, Ochieng held Father Guyo Waqo planned, financed and recruited persons to kill Locati . Then he facilitated the acquisition of the guns, transported them and kept them in his house. He claimed there was sufficient evidence to show that Waqo took part in one of the meetings. And attacked the bishop with a rungu. Waqo bought a G3 rifle. He was caught with it at the scene of crime. “You accosted the bishop with others and fired from the rifle at the scene of crime during the attack. Halake took part in planning and acquiring the firearm and received money from Waqo. On the night of the attack Waqo was armed with a pistol. You also accosted the watchman guarding the bishop’s house,” he said. Ochieng said the confessions, recorded interrogation and evidence by 37 prosecution witnesses, proved the case against the five. But Ochieng directed that the deputy registrar provides a lawyer for each of the five. And a stay of execution of the sentence pending the hearing and determination of their appeal.]]>

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