AU appoints Edem Kodjo as Special envoy For Burkina Faso

Edem Kodjo Edem Kodjo[/caption] The African Union has stepped up efforts towards a speedy solution to the political crisis in Burkina Faso with the appointment of Edem Kodjo as its special envoy. The decision from the Union’s President Dr Dlamini Zuma indicates the seriousness with which the continental body is treating the crisis. The African Union has given the military two weeks to transfer power to a civilian led transition. Kodjo, a former Secretary General of the Organization of African Unity is expected to coordinate efforts of the African Union, the Economic Commission of West African States-ECOWAS, and the United Nations in facilitating peaceful and orderly return of power to civilian authority and the organization of free and fair elections. Besides serving as the Secretary General of the OAU from 1978-1983, Kodjo brings to his new assignment political and diplomatic experience having served as Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs from 1976-1978 and  Prime Minister from 1994-1996 in his native Togo.]]>

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  1. We stand for constitutional specificity adherence that spells out unambiguously what happens when the President suddenly becomes incapacitated in discharging his leadership role.
    We applaud the role of the military. However, this timely intervention, holds applause to the extent the gesture usher in transition into civilian governance.
    Interim civil government does not sideline the military. The military must continue in its timely role of sovereignty and territorial integrity protection.
    We therefore, in conjunction with unflinching support for latest move from AU President, urge strong military team of Burkina Faso to work amicably and diligently to give peaceful civilian transition to a one year interim government for democratic elections to be arranged.
    Good Leadership, President Zuma, and we could not be prouder! !
    Martin Atayo
    ( CEO / Executive President/Technocrat)
    Washington DC

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