Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN) Partners 1Billion Africa (1BA)

thumbThe Young Professional Economists Network (YPEN), a non-profit; non-partisan and an independent global organization which is established to raise new economic thinkers for the twenty first century, Wednesday October 22, 2014, signed a partnership agreement with 1Billion Africa (IBA) at a ceremony held in Accra. This agreement is effected in order for the two organizations, focusing on solving the world’s problems with young minds to create diverse forum for engagements to this effect. The partnership was described as one which is very strategic in achieving the vision and mission of these two organizations. The Young Professional Economists Network is a global membership based organization consisting of young economists below the age of 30 years. YPEN share a common vision of raising new and young economic thinkers who are going to provide timely and relevant solutions to the economic challenges of the 21st century. 1Billion Africa is also the biggest thing that is happening in Africa now, when it comes to leading the path to bridge the gap between the ‘1billion’ problems in Africa and their innovative solutions. Precisely, 1BA seeks to lead a shift from the level of only talking about problems in Africa, to the level of creating the solutions. Now having presence in 9 other African countries, the initiative seeks to gather the great potentials and great minds all over Africa and the globe to help turn the “1billion” problems or uncountable problems in Africa into “1billion” projects and opportunities. The initiative is brought up as one means to help eradicate the many problems of the continent Africa. These two non-profit organizations are embarking on innovative projects all geared towards solving some of the world’s most challenging socio-economic issues. This partnership was seen by many participants as very strategic tool to mobilize young Africans and young people from all walks of life to partake actively in providing solutions to worlds’ problems. Speaking at the partnership signing ceremony, Mr. Paul Frimpong, a Chartered Economists and Founder and Chairman of Young Professional Economists Network said that “this partnership is intended to create the platform to encourage young people across the world to step forward and examine the world freely”. “It is also to inspire and instil innovative thinking paradigm which is relevant to tackling the socio -economic challenges of the twenty first century and beyond”. He therefore asked individuals and institutions of social and economic interest to partner and support their initiatives. Also Mr. Prince Adu-Appiah, a passionate Leader and Social Entrepreneur, and the Founder and Chairman of 1Billion Africa, highlighted that the cause of the 1Billion Africa movement revolves around the mobilization of the “1 billion” Africans to roll up sleeves and get involved in solving problems around them in communities and nations in Africa. Often people are quick to only identify problems of the continent but 1BA exists to inspire and inform Africans not to only talk about problems but look at things from an opportunity for development perspective. Mr. Adu-Appiah believes that once Africans, especially the youth of the continent discard the victim’s mentality and pick up the Victor’s mentality and attitude, Africa’s transformation would load very fast. *Source Africanexpert .Read more about these two organizations at and]]>

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