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South Africa returns seized $15m to Nigeria

October 26, 2014

Nigeria's Jonathan and South Africa's Zuma Nigeria's Jonathan and South Africa's Zuma[/caption] The South African Ambassador to Nigeria, Lulu Mnguni, said in a news conference on Friday that the $15m earlier seized from some Nigerians by the South African Government had been released to Nigeria. The South African Government had, on September 5, 2014, seized $9.3m cash belonging to Nigeria and a month later seized another $5.7m, claiming that both funds were to be used for illegal purchase of arms, reported. However, Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, said the transactions were legal, urging the South African Government to stop actions that could degenerate to a diplomatic showdown. The South African Government on October 14, 2014 said it would return the money to Nigeria. Mnguni also spoke on the collapsed building in the Synagogue church in Lagos State and its effect on the relationship between the two countries. He said that the two countries had come a long way and that the development would only make them remain stronger. “South Africa’s relations with Nigeria has come a long way, so now this actually will make us much closer, to see how we can close some of these gaps that result in such accidents,” he said. The South African ambassador added that the seizure of the funds was in no way related to the Synagogue collapse. “South Africa’s relation with Nigeria is priceless; it cannot be sold for $15m,” he said. *Source Punchng]]>


  1. I am very grateful with south African government, I am thanking president Jacob Zuma the best president South Africa never had, the south Africa deal with this matter as Traditional Rulers our Ancestors will continue to protect Zuma, give him long life to finish his tenure in the office. May the spirit of Nelson Mandela continue to protect ANC party, ANC is a continuity party, ANC will Rule South Africa in the next 3000 years, fake red anti opposition who always singing like parrot, will never Rule South Africa, because they are too corrup, they are always singing that I will take what belongs to foreigners without compassion means they are all Criminals. ANC said South Africa belongs to all the people who live inside. VIVA ANC VIVA, VIVA president Zuma VIVA,VIVA Deputy president Ramaphosa VIVA, VIVA Nelson Mandela spirit VIVA. VIVA South Africa VIVA, VIVA Nigeria VIVA, VIVA President Goodluck Jonathan VIVA, VIVA His Royal Highness Igwe Mbanabo VIVA.

  2. I am Endorsing president Goodluck Jonathan 2015, he is the only Qualified Civilian Democratic president Nigeria produce since 1970, president Goodluck Jonathan and PDP government have made Nigerian government a continuity government, none like APC party, APC is Communist party, they’re not a Democratic party, why because APC supposed to give Atiku ticket, Atiku was a civilian Deputy president of Nigeria before, APC will never never Rule Nigeria till next 2000 years, tell me how can APC give Buhari ticket you can see APC has lost focus, even they don’t have Angeda for Nigeria, Buhari was a military president United Nation never recognised his government during his own regime, Buhari overthrow elected government during shagari regime, Buhari supposed to be in Jail for overthrow elected government, then how can APC gave him ticket to be a presidential candidate, APC have know focus, they are not after Nigerians, They are after there pockets looting public funds which almost there leaders loots a lot of money trillions like Tinubu, Amaechi, Rochas Okorocha Ogbonnaya Onu, Nairsa E-lfuai and so many of them are criminals,APC don’t Suppose to give someone who carried guns with his group and entered government house through windows, we Nigeria called someone who entered your house through windows a teaf criminal, So Buhari entered government with guns through window, means Buhari remains a teaf and criminal who can never Rule Nigeria again in his life, Nigerians never supported coup plotters, APC party Support Coup plotters, and that’s why they are behind, Boko Haram, and they knew it. APC have already failed 2015 election in Nigeria . from Royal Highness Igwe Mbanabo.

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