HALF A CENTURY OF INDEPENDENCE! But what happened to Africa's 'Class of the 1960s' leaders?

MORRIS KIRUGA, SAMANTHA SPOONER* download (2)Ebook on Africa’s 1960s independence leaders, and their stories: Some amazing, some uplifting, and several depressing OCTOBER 24 is Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary. Zambia’s founding president Kenneth Kaunda turned 90 in April. Kaunda has achieved something none of the 1960s independence leaders in Africa did – he is the only republican leader of the 1960s generation who has lived to see his country turn 50. Mail & Guardian Africa  spoke to Kaunda for the anniversary in the capital Lusaka. Click here to read ebook where we tick off what happened to the rest of the “Class of the 1960s”: *Courtesy of mg.co]]>

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