BREAKING: President To Be Asssasinated, TB Joshua Prophesies

images (4)Nigerian preacher TB Joshua has dropped a bombshel prediction that a Southern African President is going to be assasinated anytime in the coming few days. He said the armed attackers are plotting to kill the President, his wife, and or the Vice President of that country. PRESIDENT IN SOUTHERN AFRICA TO BE ATTACKED – T.B. JOSHUA Influential Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua has prophesied an imminent attack on a presidential figure in Southern Africa. “You should pray for Southern Africa… I am seeing militants are interested in embarrassing a president in that region – either to kill him or kidnap him,” he stated on Sunday 31st August 2014 in a church service broadcast on Emmanuel TV, one of Africa’s most popular television channels. “That is just their objective – to kidnap the president, vice president or first lady of that nation,” he continued. “If prayer is not offered well, they will succeed [and] it will put the nation into uproar.” Joshua revealed he was shown the exact location of the attack. “God showed me the place but I don’t want to put any country into pandemonium,” he said. He further added that the nation of Kenya particularly needed prayer in respect of the alarming prophetic message. T.B. Joshua further revealed that US President Barack Obama would be rushed to hospital due a health challenge. “He should not go for an operation,” the cleric warned. “He only needs rest.” He added that United Kingdom should ‘strategise and secure their country’ from 15th to 18th September and toward the end of the month in relation to the recent terror alert from the government due to the threat of ISIS militants. Joshua proceeded to warn of another plane crash in the troubled region surrounding Ukraine and Russia, stressing that commercial aircraft should completely avoid the area. He concluded by prophesying crisis would ‘start any moment from now’ in the European nation of Poland. T.B. Joshua made headlines in 2012 when his prediction concerning the death of Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika came to pass after being widely reported in African media. *Source zimbabwenewsday]]>

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