Obed Joe Talks Burning Love

412470_348204165214088_1050851811_oBurning Love is a tragic love story of a young man Donald-(Best Davis) sponsored abroad, who would stop at nothing in getting to the top. Donald is a heartbreaker, professional liar and gold digger who took a blood oat with his first girlfriend-Carie (Vivian Joe), dumped the second-Kelly (Winstina Taylor) after using her to get green card, and then finally found love with the third-Sandra(Monica Swaida) a spoiled, rich brat, but was interrupted by Mrs. Henshaw( Bessey Ikem) and Lilly (Remi Momodu) as nature took its cause and he was haunted by love. Burning Love is an extreme story of hate and deceit Starring: Patience Ozokwu (Mama G), Vivian Joe, Bessey Ikem (American Mama), Best Davis, Monica Swaida, Winstina Taylor, Remi Momodu and Mikky Best. Produced and Directed by Obed Joe How many movies have you produced till date and in comparison to other productions of yours, how will you rate the most recent movie? Over 80 movies to date. Compared to my other movies, it has an international variety, with DMV finest actors. The movies seems to have a cast of characters from multiple nationalities, how do you blend all this talent to produce a quality film? That’s the fun of what I do. The different characters bring about enriched talents that go beyond all boundaries to produce great results as in the case of Burning Love. These characters include, but not limited to: Gambians, Sierra Leoneans, Americans, Cameroonians and Nigerians You are one of the big names when it comes to Nollywood, how did Obed Joe become involved in movies and what would you consider as your break through moment? I was born into photography. I became one of the foremost filmmakers in south, south Nigeria, Rivers state. I also took an international approach to filmmaking, and studied and perfected my career at the Universal Studio’s branch of the New York film academy. My first degree was in engineering and along the line I produced my first movie in 1995 Beast2000 and Innocent crime while in the university. I have continued to enjoy the journey thus far. I consider each opportunity a different break through moment, with my numerous blockbusters starring great actors such as Pete Edchie, Nkem Owoh, Osita Iheme, Chinedu Ihedieze, Patient Ozokwu, Amechi Monago, Nkiru Silvanus, Late Sam Loko and Justice Osiri In your career you have worked with so many different characters and individuals, who are some of the favorite people you appreciate and enjoy working with in the industry? I truly enjoy working with all talents.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-usVeAFl9w&feature=share     What is your take on the state of Nollywood and the impression some people have that while the quantity of movies churned out has increased, the quality has declined? To the contrary, quality has equally improved over time, considering the limited finances and low budgets, Nollywood movies have actually come a long way. And talking about roles, there is often a mixture in who produces, who directs, who acts, do you believe in the separation of roles and assessing your own role, what makes a good Director? 1401208_662204557147379_1330409545_oTo have quality movies, there should be separations of role, yet a good and clear understanding of each roles. A good director is the one who listens, answers questions and carries both cast and crew in unison. You are based in California and it appears the NAFCA awards will be taking place there, is Obed Joe looking forward to any awards? Yes! I am nominated as the most favorite director of people’s choice award Any other information on the Premiere that you will like to share with our readers and your fans? My encouragement to the new and upcoming actors. Many thanks and love to all my fans. I hope to continue quench their taste with good and quality work.]]>

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