More to Guinea Than Just Ebola-Foreign Minister Lounceny Fall

By Ajong Mbapndah L

ministre_guineen_des_ae_mGuinea Minister Lounceny Fall had reassuring news on efforts of the government of Guinea and international support to stem the threat from Ebola. The mortality rate for those who contacted Ebola has reduced from about 90 to 40 percent, Minister Fall told Pan African Visions on his arrival in Washington DC, for the USA-Africa Leaders Forum.
Efforts towards early identification have improved Fall said , and the government is working hard as well to seclude identified cases. People are screened before getting to some areas where no cases have been identified and Guinea is working hand in glove within the sub region and with international partners to ensure that the situation is kept under control.
Contrary to earlier reports in some media that President Conde may not be part of the Washington forum, his presence was confirmed by the Foreign Minister who said Guinea was surging ahead with its development agenda. Tension between the opposition and the ruling party has abated and there is a healthy cohabitation.
On expectations from the Summit, Minister Fall said, there will love to see greater US engagement in Africa and evenly spread across the continent as well especially in terms of trade and investment. Reacting with caution with those who see in the Summit more of an attempt to counter growing Chinese influence, Fall said it was in the interest of Africa to have viable partners.
With the Ebola virus making headlines in the international media, there is bound to be skepticism about traveling to Guinea, but the Minister indicated there was more to his country than Ebola. Fall was optimistic that  as efforts continue to put the spread of Ebola under check; investors will see Guinea for its economic potentials and opportunities.
According to a fact sheet from the Center for Disease Control-CDC, as July 30th, the Ministry of Health in Guinea reported some 472 suspected and confirmed cases with 346 been fatal.

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  1. Let us hope that the Minister’s comments are not just politically motivated statements but a reflection of the situation on the ground.

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