Movie on Travails of African Home Buyers in USA set for Premiere in Baltimore

10559820_763813960346245_3319881590190841042_nThe challenges of Africans acquiring a home in the USA will be highlighted in the movie Greedy Realtor set to premiere in Baltimore on Aug 2nd .Producer Blaise Christian Sitchet talks about the  movie ,Prestige Productions and the Africa movie industry .   Your film the greedy realtor will première in Baltimore, MD, may we know more about the film and the event? The film “The Greedy Realtor” is about the mistakes that we make while purchasing houses. We neglect the affordability part, we stretch our resources to the extreme to purchase the house that we dream to have. Also, this movie reveals the lack of trust Africans in the diaspora have among themselves. From the trailer we see a strong mix of African and American actors, is there a particular theme you seek to highlight in the movie? My movies focus more about the challenges that Africans face while trying to integrate in the American society. How did Blaise Christian Sitchet become involved in film production? It was by taking my soundtracks to different film festivals that the taste of filmmaking leaded me to the production. I met many interesting people in this business who made me believe that it was possible. Can you walk us through some of your major productions and what has been the reaction of the public to your films? Koming from Afrika has been a huge success. I believe that a large public has been connected to it and the media has been also very supportive.         You seem to have a unique angle in which your films are focus-the challenges of immigrants in the Diaspora, any reason for this? Yes, because it is related to my experience in America. I want to tell real stories, what my entourage and I are living and also add to it the comedy.1003031_634967726522001_499485054_n You not only do production but act as well, what are some of the memorable experiences that you have had? There are many and many memorable experiences. I can say the premiere of “Koming from Afrika at Carrol Art Center. The quantity and the quality of the crowd were impressive. Looking at the African movie industry as a whole, what do you make of it, would you say it is doing great? It is improving a lot. Good actors, producers and directors are getting more experience and are sticking around when the bad ones quit the game on their own due to lack of solicitation. There is the criticism that the industry has grown more in terms of quantity of movies produced, with quality on a free fall? Do you agree and what is it you do on your part to maintain or uphold standards? I try to focus on the quality. My production Team spends a lot of time to make sure that the quality of the image, the acting and the sound are good before we put our product out. With Prestige International Film Productions, you are making your mark, what advice do you have for those who will be interested in joining the industry in acting or production roles? People have their own reasons why thy join the film industry. Some of us join for the passion of the Art, some of us join in the hope to be rich or famous. We have some who want to impress their entourage. My advice is to take this business seriously.   For those who cannot make it and want copies how can they procure them? Yes, it can be checked out  at when it is available. Mr Sitchet, good luck with your projects and thanks for the interview my pleasure.      ]]>

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