A Tale of Misplaced Priorities in Kenya’s Polygamy Law

By Gerard Mutabazi Amani*

imagesI am very disappointed by the Kenya government for introducing the Polygamy law. This law allows men to bring another women at home without saying anything but the current wife assuming that it’s another wife, that’s stupid. I was starting to become a fan of Kenya government but this law has make me think otherwise.

Some of us are fighting and advocating for the equity of men and women for a better future and the Kenya government has decided to take a step a back. One Kenyan MP was saying this is an African culture. Does he know what African culture is?

African culture is not about degrading the Black Beauty, but protecting and being there for them. My message to Kenya women and men who care and love their one women, please STAND UP and FIGHT against this bill. Kenya is taking Africa backward with this kind of law, it is 2014 and not 1900s.

We do not need a law which will allow African men to be disrespecting African women without them answering to their decisions. All female MPs in Kenya should wake out of government in protesting this kind of law. Reports are that one of the female MPs stormed out of the parliamentary session because she was so upset. As a proud Youth Activist, this law almost give Kenyan men the right to disrespect women.

What happened to the days when Leaders dealt with issues and search for development solutions for the benefit of all? The Leaders of today continue to care more and more about satisfying their own stomach and greed. Dear African Leaders: please refocus your attention on improving the lives of every day citizens.

Many people still live in poverty with no education, no electricity, no water, and no food among many other problems. Have we finished fighting against poverty that we can now turn our attention to such laws which only takes people backward? Dear African men: if we want to continue developing and improving the lives of all Africans, we need to empower our women and work together for a better future for all.

There’s no African future without its African Beauty, the women. In order to ensure that the future of Africans is promising, men and women need to join hands and work together because there is great power in UNITY. I am a proud African men and I fully support the African Beauty because they are capable of doing amazing things and care for all. The African women is hard working, determine, and knows how to take care of a village and ensure children are well brought up, and men too.

gerard-mutabazi-amaniWe should be fighting for the equality of women and not putting in laws which will isolate them and cause them to no longer do their duty because the government is degrading them. My message to all African women, stay true to your roots and do not change because the world is changing.

Hold on to your tradition clothes, native language, and all the respect that your parents taught you. Remember to fight for your right and always know where you stand. I advocate for the empowerment of women because it’s a progress for all humanity. Let us all unite, live in peace, love and support each other as God want us to.


*Gerard Mutabazi Amani
Envoy of African Youth Union (AYU)
President of Diaspora African Youth Union (DAYU)
Envoy of African Youth Association of NGOs (AYANGO)
Proudly PanAfricanist

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