AU Launches Internet Exchange Point in Namibia: “Keeping intra-country internet traffic within the country”

The African Union Commission (AUC), through the Infrastructure and Energy Department, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information Communication Technology of Namibia today launched the Internet Exchange Point in Namibia. The Internet Exchange Point in Namibia will contribute to bringing efficiency in the routing of intra-country internet traffic and hence faster exchange of intra-country internet traffic. Through the African Internet Exchange System (AXIS) project, the African Union Commission has so far extended capacity building support to facilitate the establishment of internet exchange points in 22 Member States including Namibia. The AU has also donated equipment and services with the value of USD20,000 to the Internet Exchange Point in Namibia. “With this development, the ICT Sector in Namibia has every reason to celebrate for a new era of localized, cost effective and secure internet traffic, has dawned. That notwithstanding, we are called upon to safeguard this infrastructure for the betterment of the livelihood of the users. I however hasten to state that today’s historic event would not have been possible without the invaluable support provided by the African Union Commission.” Said Hon. Stanley Simataa, Deputy Minister of ICT The Internet in Africa has been growing steadily over the past several years and is beginning to play a significant role in Africa’s development, creating employment, providing opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as acting as an enabler in the digital delivery of government services, education, and healthcare among others. “All of us will agree that living in a modern society without ICT is difficult if not impossible. Think about how many times and how often we are using the internet, mobile phones and computers. ICT has been integrated in every aspect of our business activities and daily lives. Looking to the future, ICT for development is not about computers, mobile phones, and the internet, but about using them to empower communities for communication, learning, and accessing services. This will lead to improved well-being, increased work productivity, support for innovation, and impetus for inclusive growth.” Said H.E. Dr. Elham Ibrahim, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy.” The launch was officiated by Hon. Stanley Simataa, Deputy Minister of ICT of Namibia and H.E. Dr. Elham Ibrahim, African Union Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy and attended by Senior Government Officials, Leaders of the Industry and the Internet Society. For more information on the African Internet Exchange System Project of the African Union, visit . Source African Union/APO  ]]>

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