Obama Welcomes Cease Fire in South Sudan

U.S President Barack Obama has hailed the cease fire signed by belligerent parties in the South Sudan Conflict as a positive development. In a press statement issued today by the White House, President Obama calls the move as a critical first step towards the restoration of lasting peace. “South Sudan’s leaders need to work to fully and immediately implement the agreement and start an inclusive political dialogue to resolve the underlying causes of the conflict,” President Obama said in the statement. The U.S will work to expedite the release of political detainees currently held by the government of South Sudan Obama said, describing their participation as critical to discussions that will restore peace in the country. While lauding the important role played by the Intergovernmental Authority on development (IGAD) and other partners in achieving the cease fire, Obama re-affirmed the long lasting support of the United States towards the aspirations of the people of South Sudan. To regain the trust of its people and the International Community President Obama reminds the leaders of South Sudan that they “must demonstrate their sustained commitment to a peaceful resolution of the crisis.” Obama urged leaders of South Sudan to ensure that the lives, property and future of the youth is not mired in endless violence .Those who have committed atrocities should be held to account said President Obama as he pledged the continuous partnership of the U.S to those “working for a more peaceful, democratic, and unified South Sudan.” South Sudan has not lived up to the expectations since it became Africa’s newest independent state in 2011 after decades of a brutal civil war with Sudan. Leadership squabbles within the ruling Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) brought the country to the brink of its own civil war earlier this year. The main protagonists in the present conflict President Salva Kiir and his former Vice President Riek Machar come from two different tribal groups which are now pitted against each. The differences within the SPLM Leadership degenerated into violence when President Salva from the Dinka tribal group accused his former Vice President Machar from the Nuer tribe and other rivals of plotting a coup. The fighting has resulted in a humanitarian disaster with thousands killed and close to half a million displaced according to United Nations estimates. It remains to be seen how far the cease fire  signed in Addis Abeba ,Ethiopia, will go considering the complex nature of the crisis with parts of the country under the military control of former Vice President Machar and the involvement of neighboring countries like Uganda which has sent in troops to support President Salva.  ]]>

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  1. the problem of s.s need to be stimulate soon, but we s.Sudanese generation have to wake up for building peace,love & unity in our country. we have no time to wait for as we saw that many children,women are losing their life now.completion of the first is the resting of new one.

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