Down With the Sinister Tree!

samI loathe your brainless and morbid attitudes

You make us treat our own like aliens

An earthling as a Martian

on this green habitat…



May the Potter of all flesh

requite those who sow discordant seeds amongst mankind designed to be one.


It’s a seed that spreads like wild fire and use unsightly fruits to impair unity and oneness

and we permit it.


The gruesome tree from which it comes

stifles life, liberty, and the serene abode

of every race, creed and colour.


We must now cut down that tree lest ere long its acerbic logs come hard upon us,

the beauties and beasts, and mar our dazzling futures.


That tree breeds an ill-wind,

a wind that blows away

the intent of diversity.


Let’s concertedly sharpen axes,

and cut down that baleful tree

and burn it and bury its ashes

because only then can we climb

the true tree of freedom

which our heroes,

past and present

stepped on thorns to plant.


True trees bear the fruit of love,

peace and commonality

and shade and house

the Ubuntu;

dignity of humanity.

True trees disperse

the sweet scent of liberty

that stifle the repulsive

odour of repression and racialism.


“Ubuntu” is an age-long African belief. By definition,” Ubuntu” means that each one of us can only exist as fully functioning human beings when we acknowledge the roles that others play in our lives. In other words, “a person is a person through other people”, or umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu or “I am because you are”.


Written by Samuel Duru

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