Malawi: Lobby Group In Push For Adoption Of Federalism System Of Government

By Joseph Dumbula

The Federalism Institute continues to push for Malawi to now adopt the federal system of government.

This comes after, the grouping wrote President Lazarus Chakwera to call for a referendum, arguing the unitary system has failed the country in development since it is characterized by nepotism, tribalism and organized corruption, among others.

Speaking to Pan African Visions Federalism Institute Coordinator Karonga Bruce Kaponda said the federal system of government is very effective unlike the unitary system which has failed.

“We are raising awareness of federal system of Government, we need Malawians to adopt federal system of Government. Unitary system has failed now we need the system of Government that give power or people, people should decide on development. So, the federal system of Government is the only system to go for now in Malawi. So now just because of the system of the government we are using in Malawi we can’t do anything, we need federal system of Government in Malawi,” explained Kaponda.

Earlier this year, some influential people supported the federal system of government with former United Democratic Front (UDF) president, Atupele Muluzi proposing a constitution amendment.

Muluzi further pointed out that all the governments since independence have not delivered, adding that the country has brilliant minds within and in diaspora who just lack space in the centralized government.

The issue of federalism was recently taken to Parliament by Member of Parliament for Mzimba North Yeremia Chihana but minister of Justice Titus Mvalo said the issue is not a priority in the country at the moment.

However, the matter was marred by regionalism faded just when then president Peter Mutharika called for a healthy debate over the proposal and ordered a State-sponsored inquiry by the Public Affairs Committee.

By September 2019, Chihana received a backlash tabled a motion proposing constitutional change from the unitary system of government to federalism.

The lawmaker argued that the proposed switch would facilitate equal participation in political decisions and equitable distribution of resources and development across the nation.


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