DR Congo: Former Prime Minister Adolphe Muzito Invites Population To Cultivate Peace

By Badylon Kawanda Bakiman

Adolphe Muzito

Adolphe Muzito, one of the former prime ministers of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Central Africa, and the initiator of ”Nouvel Elan”, one of the political parties of the opposition, is speaking out. He has just invited the Congolese population to cultivate peace in order to ensure the development of the country.

He also invited the population to be wary of promises and not to grant “blank check” to politicians during the next elections, but rather to demand credible political offers likely to boost the development of this region and the country.

The former prime minister spoke in Bulungu, capital of the territory of the same name, last Saturday, where he arrived the same day.

Indeed, for several weeks, Adolphe Muzito has been touring the “Grand Bandundu” in the southwest of the DRC. Before arriving in Bulungu, Adolphe Muzito was in several localities. For example, the territory of Kwamouth in the Maï-Ndombe where the bloody conflict between the “Teke tribe” and the “Yaka tribe” has resulted in more than 80,000 deaths, many wounded and houses burned down, according to the central government.

Muzito also arrived in Kolokoso, Fatundu (in Kwilu) and Kenge in Kwango. It is the same message. That of the securitization of lands that, since the Leopold era, have never been returned to their original owners, the chiefs of the lands. And for this Muzito believes that it is necessary to proceed to reforms of the land law.

This tour also took him to Kikwit, Idiofa and Gungu. Long before the “Great Bandundu”, the former tenant of the primacy was already in the province of Central Kongo.

“Today, a land chief cannot freely rent his land without going through Kinshasa, which monopolizes everything and also issues titles,” he lamented last January in Kisantu.

For this political leader, the securitization of customary land is a way to prevent conflicts.


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