Malawi: Fresh National Drive Launched Against Cholera

By Joseph Dumbula

The government of Malawi has launched a fresh national bid aimed at dealing with a rise in cholera infections.

This comes as until now, over one thousand five hundred people have died due to the outbreak nationwide.

President Lazarus Chakwera has launched, pledging to reduce the transmission and mortality rate of the water-borne illness.

He said: ‘’And because the behavior is not changing, the situation has become dire,” he said. “So far, over 1,300 funerals have happened around the country because of cholera. And the disease is still spreading at an alarming rate. We are getting between 500 to 600 cholera cases every day in our health facilities throughout the country.”

According to Chakwera, at the moment statistics indicate that 40 percent of Malawians do not have toilets and instead use the bush to relieve themselves.

Health authorities say they hope the campaign will help reduce the cholera fatality rate from the current 3.6% to 1%.

Until now, government is continuing to receive support from donors in a bid to tame the infections, although experts warn of prudence as Covid19 funds were reportedly stolen.

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