Rise of Fake Journalists Forces MCK To Arrange For A Meeting With Media Stakeholders

By Samuel Ouma

David Omwoyo

The Media Council Of Kenya (MCK) will, on Friday, January 27, 2023, will meet media stakeholders in the country to address the challenge of fraudsters masquerading as journalists.

In a statement dated January 26, MCK CEO David Omwoyo said the main objective of the meeting is to come up with a framework for promoting professional journalism.

According to Omwoyo, there is an increase of fraudsters masquerading as journalists and media practitioners who get access to events to extort and harass people.

“In this regard, the Media Council of Kenya has organized a meeting with industry stakeholders this Friday, January 27 2023, to provide a platform to deliberate on the matter and agree on practical measures to enhance professionalism and to deal with the rising cases of fraudsters posing as journalists,” said CEO Omwoyo.

Despite the emergence of the latest developments, he assured Kenyans that the Council is committed to fostering a conducive working environment for journalists and media practitioners through improved standards and constantly engaging relevant stakeholders to address pertinent issues affecting the sector.

“MCK will remain at the forefront in protecting the credibility of the media and journalists by ensuring that only accredited journalists are allowed to practice in the country, in line with our Constitutional provisions,” he added.

MCK is tasked by the constitution of Kenya to promote and enhance ethical and professional standards amongst journalists and media enterprises and accredits journalists nationwide.

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