Kiroyera Tours Conference 2022 To Be Held In Two Weeks Time

By Mutayoba Arbogast

Kiroyera Tours, a Tanzania-based tour company, will hold its annual conference season 2 between December 16 and 17, 2022, at the Bukoba Heritage site, northwest of Tanzania.

According to Mary Kalikawe, C.E.O Kiroyera Tours, the conference aims to promote culture and tourism development in the Kagera region.

The event will bring together champions of Kagera heritage and culture and other experts.

During the event, there will be a display and exhibition of ancient artifacts, including various collections of crafts such as backcloth, drums, handbags, calabashes, cowries, pots, irons, and wooden crafts such as mortar, chairs, beds, and other items.

Also, intangible heritage such as oral traditions, oral history, traditional dances and music, and storytelling will be performed.

Prominent speakers will be Prof Henry Muzale(Haya vernacular), Prince  Katega II(Traditions and Customs), Bishop Methodius Kilainì(Tangible and Intangible heritage, history and culture, Dr. Daniel Ndagala(Landscapes heritage, Collection of objects and Archeological discoveries and looting) and Mary Kalikawe( Heritage, history, and culture as products).

The speakers will raise awareness on safeguarding the values of roots and culture, which promotes self-reliance in agriculture, fisheries, and other opportunities.

The tourism industry stakeholders and the entire community have been asked to support the conference using their finances and ideas.




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