SDG-3 Global Health Initiatives Celebrates Second Anniversary

By Samuel Ouma

Dr. Noblin N. Ogbonna

The SDG-3 Global Health Initiatives celebrated its two years of existence on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

In a virtual meeting, the founder, Dr. Noblin N. Ogbonna, thanked team members, the Board of Trustees, country representatives, and supporters for their support that enabled the organization to progress tremendously.

“This child is in SDG-3 global health initiatives, of course, with the most incredible team members in the world coming together having the same vision of helping humanity and coming together from globally has been able to accomplish a lot from organizing monthly health awareness that entices a lot of medical practitioners which we are going to show you guys today.

So, organizing educational training and essential health skills training for global youth. Of course, we are affiliated with the UNESCO center for peace, every year UNESCO center for peace organizes a Model UN summer camp at Frederick, Maryland, that always brings loads of youth from all over the world, talking from Africa, Europe, America, Asia, and we always have the opportunity every year to host and train these incredible young delegates on essential health care skills from learning about mental health,” said Dr. Noblin.

Speaking at the same event, His Excellency Antoine Denis, the former ambassador of Grenada to the People’s Republic of China, emphasized on the importance of self-care. He shared eight pointers of self-care, namely, physical, spiritual, financial, social, personal, emotional, home management, and work and school self-care.

“Remember, we who are in the frontline must be taking care of ourselves so that we can give more for ourselves to those who need us,” said H.E Antoine, who also served as the Permanent Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations.

H.E Antoine is also the former non-resident ambassador to Mexico and Panama and was the Vice-President of the 69th session of the United Nations

Honourable Tom Hucker, a member of the Maryland House of Delegates from the 20th district and currently a member of the Montgomery County council from the 5th district, said, “During the Covid-19, we had to deliver lifesaving messages, week after week, about how to keep your family safe, the importance of social distancing and masking, the significance of testing and then vaccinations. We had to deliver those messages in a culturally competent way, with trusted messengers, and in the face of all the misleading and dangerous messages.”

Various achievements of SDG three were highlighted during the ceremony. The organization noted it conducted a health awareness talk about diabetes on November 28, 2020, where its representatives shared some basic information about diabetes. Next, they had the opportunity to share the virtual winter program on February 1, 2021, aimed at Chinese delegates. During this session, adolescents were taught about risky health behaviours.

“In the same month, we had a health awareness talk on cervical cancer on February 6, 2021. Our representatives were able to share about the risk factors, how cancer progresses, and the importance of cancer screening,” said Dr.Noblin Ogbonna.

In March 2021, the organization had a workshop on nutrition and obesity rates to stress the importance of eating healthy, exercising, and nutrition, as well as having healthy lifestyles.

Two months later, they conducted a session on hypertension, stress management, and mental health. In June, they organized a workshop on stroke education where people were taught about stroke risk factors and management post-stroke.

On July 24, 2021, SDG 3 participated in the UNESCO center for peace summer camp, and delegates were taught about first aid and emergency care. In September, it organized a workshop on the health and wellness of children.

SDG 3 celebrated its first anniversary on October 30, 2021, where a panel discussed sexual dysfunction in men and women and managing sexual dysfunction and breast cancer survivors.

Other following events were a presentation and a workshop on diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers in November last year and a workshop on feminine hygiene and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

It also had two medical missions in Nigeria and Western Uganda. People with diseases like diabetes, hypertension, and malaria were treated during the outreaches.

Currently, the organization said it is helping victims of floods in Nigeria.

SDG-3 is a Global Health Initiative, a nonprofit organization affiliated with the UNESCO center for peace, and they are focused on promoting good health and well-being in all ages. It creates awareness about various diseases.


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