Mozambican and regional forces kill 10 terrorists in attack on base

By Jorge Joaquim

 Mozambican and international forces killed 10 insurgents when they attacked an insurgent base in Cabo Delgado province, according to defence minister Cristóvão Chume.

The joint force of domestic troops and soldiers from the Southern African Development Community (SADC) attacked a base in Macomia district and also rescued a number of women working there in support roles, Chume said.

He made the announcement yesterday at a meeting with his opposite number from Botswana, who is visiting Mozambique to inspect the SADC force in Cabo Delgado.

On monday, police have seized bags of weapons allegedly destined for terrorists in Cabo Delgado province from a bus in Nampula city, reports Carta.

Suspicions began at the Petrona bus terminal, where a group carrying the bags asked a driver and bus conductor to transport them. The group refused to open the bags when requested, claiming they were hoes and that unpacking them would delay departure.

Eventually, the driver and conductor reportedly agreed to carry the goods, but alerted the authorities. On arrival at a checkpoint at the Anchilo administrative post, police impounded the weapons after stopping and searching the bus. The police are yet to confirm the incident.

Groups with links to Islamist extremism have carried out attacks in Cabo Delgado since late 2017. Militants have used explosives, machetes and firearms to conduct lethal attacks, including attacks on vehicles.

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