Burundi holds first National Forum for Development

By Egide Lucky

President Evariste Ndayishimiye exhorts the Burundian diaspora to invest in their home country.

The Burundi National Forum for Development has taken place from 18th to 19th November at the national assembly palace in Bujumbura city. In his speech to open the forum, the president of the republic called on leaders at different levels to promote good governance.

 The Government of Burundi is firmly committed to fighting poverty so as to stimulate a sustainable and inclusive growth to reach the level of an emerging middle-income country,” said Evariste Ndayishimiye, Burundi President.

He reminded participants in the forum that Burundi has several resources that would accelerate the country’s efforts to achieve sustainable development. He gave examples of a fertile land, a good nature and an undersoil rich in minerals, among other resources.

For him, Burundians must have a common understanding of the country’s poverty causes so as to join efforts and achieve sustainable development: “The root causes of poverty may be found in our history, politics and socio-cultural life.”

President Ndayishimiye deplored that some leaders still work to serve their own interests.

According to him, Burundi still faces persistent vices and mindset related to the past: “Some officials do not want to serve citizens in the village as they prefer to stay in the cities. I urge them to alter this behavior and follow the logic of community recovery initiated by the government.”

He slams brain drain and efflux, arguing that many citizens in the diaspora are reluctant to investing in their home country: “Considering the number of Burundian intellectuals who work abroad, Burundi would not lack professors, physicians or experienced engineers who would help speed up the country’s development.”

President Ndayishimiye called on leaders to manage public affairs well to ensure well-being to every citizen.

The National forum for Development continues has been held on the theme: “Make Burundi an emerging country by 2040.” Intellectuals from the diaspora and those working in Burundi have met to discuss challenges that hinder development for Burundi and how they can be handled.

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