Rwanda on high alert over coronavirus

By Maniraguha Ferdinand

Hospitals in Kigali have been equiped to fight coronavirus
Hospitals in Kigali have been equiped to fight coronavirus

Rwanda has taken measures  to prevent any case  of coronavirus on its soil, the deadly virus  which is killing more people all over the world.

There have so far been 27 cases of the coronavirus on the continent; in countries like  Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Cameroon, South Africa, Senegal, Tunisia, and Togo.

Though Rwanda has not registered any cases of COVID-19, measures have been taken all over the country to prevent the deadly virus.

Throughout the country in public gatherings, people are warned to firstly wash their hands before gathering. Three facilities have been availed to quarantine and take care of any coronavirus case if found.

A cabinet meeting chaired by President Paul Kagame on Friday, 6th March  urged all Rwandans to take appropriate precautions and follow the advice of health professionals and avoid unnecessary internal or international travels and large gatherings.

The following day, on Saturday,7th March ,  The leadership of the Catholic Church in Rwanda has issued guidelines to its members, urging them to be vigilant during holy mass.

Among new guidelines are that during the Holy Communion, Christians will be receiving  the bread by hand, instead of  the tongue as it was being done by some.

Rwanda Catholic Church also announced that the blessing water that people used to  touch  before entering the church, will not be available until the problem of coronavirus is solved.

The Holy Kiss or handshake that is shared during the Holy Mass was also banned, people will be sharing peace within their  heart.

Kigali City Council has issued a communique banning all concerts and other mass gathering.

“Entertainment events and other public gatherings are banned from 8th March until further notice”, reads  part of the communique.

In front of public building in Kigali like government owned buildings, markets, schools people have to wash their hands before entering.

Government have also warned population over the dangers of the habit of handshakes and hugging while greeting one another, the habit that is taken as cultural among Rwandans.

World Health Organization says the number of infections worldwide is almost 105,000,  with nearly 3,600 deaths. Most of the deaths  have been in China, where the virus originated in December last year.

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